June 2011

Makin' Us All Purr: Swtlilkitty69

“I’d known about camming for 12 years but was a young mom with no confidence,” reveals Manitoba’s tattooed beauty Catherine Purrs, aka Swtlilkitty69. “I had moved to the city to rebuild my life and a talent and scouting agency was coming around. So I went to try out and they wanted me. I thought about it and decided to try camming and explore my sexuality a bit. WOW wonderful!”

The Pleasure of Escape: Max Cita

 “Certainly, the driving force behind all my escape challenges is the erotic,” reveals escape artist Max Cita. “The tactile sensation of the restraints was the starting point, but in more intense challenges loss of sight and hearing heightened the sensual to erotic overload. So to say the longer the restraint the more erotic the experience.”

The Economics of Porn—Going Corporate

The scene opens on a pretty young thing seated on the edge of a plush, velvet, casting couch. She states her name (something appropriately exotic and occasionally alliterative) and her age (rarely over 24). A voice behind the camera lens—most likely male—asks about her past; she hails from a small town known for producing conservatives or farmers or both. When asked why she left, she launches enthusiastically into a speech about her budding acting or modeling career. The voice behind the camera encourages her; she seems like she’d be a fine actress and she’s certainly very attractive.

The Double Minority Report

In the beginning, the Black Queer Youth group would operate on the ‘down low’ to avoid persecution and backlash. In 2002, Cassandra Lord began BQY as an initiative which would give voice to gay, bi, and trans black youth in Toronto; a group obviously living in fear as interested parties would be screened and notified of the meeting location which changed weekly for safety.

Plaything: Body Bars

These cocoa butter massage bars are absolutely delightful. They’re all-natural, and yummy sweet, but not sticky at all. They’re sweetened with stevia, a natural herbal sweetener, which means they won’t get sticky on your skin, or cause irritation if they end up in your lady-parts. In fact, they eventually absorb right into your skin like lotion, so none of that oily, slippery, post-massage feel! Just lovely, soft, scented skin—with no need to shower.

Pillow Talk: PACE Society

The struggle of social service groups can, sadly, mimic the struggle for survival that so many marginalized peoples endure on a daily basis. First, the organization or person needs to be noticed and recognized as essential (as all people should be). Once (if) that happens, the organization or person still faces an uphill climb to respectability and that climb is often a long process. In addition to social and philosophical pressures, finances are always going to be a difficult issue, one that can cause the downfall of organizations and individuals alike.

Your Local Neighbourhood Latex Fashion Designers: House of Etiquette

“Our clothing pushes the boundaries between mainstream and fetish,” offers Ashley Davies of Toronto’s House of Etiquette. “We offer clothing that you could wear inside with your partner, or out to a club. I think latex will eventually be seen as the norm in terms of club wear like PVC or leather used to be.”

View From The Top: Unprecedented Precedent

I'm going to become a lawyer. It can't possibly be that hard, and I hear they make a killing! Then, I'm going to move to the United Arab Emirates and specialize in divorce law. Yes, that's the ticket!