June 2011

Rockalily: Bringing Some Welcome Burlesque to Ottawa

At the best of times, what passes for politics in Ottawa looks like farce. Most of the time, it appears to be bad burlesque; without any titillating sex or other pleasant distractions to make it more bearable.

Fortunately, the members of Ottawa’s Rockalily Burlesque troupe have taken burlesque back from the politicians; at least the art form, that is. Formed in 2007, this hip collective is redefining what burlesque is and who gets to play!

Sexlife Canada recently got down with Rockalily’s Helvetica Bold to find out more.

Fantasies of the Writer: Jennifer Labelle

“I write what I like to read, and thought it would be a ton of fun to create an erotic read/experience for someone else,” muses Ottawa-based erotic romance writer Jennifer Labelle. “I say experience because most often when one reads it’s an escape from everyday life, and into the fantasy the writer has created for a brief moment.”

The Why of It—Erotic Photography

Taking a really great dirty picture can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. With today's technology, capturing a risqué photo can be as involved as shooting on location with super fancy lenses and big budget lighting or as unfussy as simply pushing a button. Whether you are snapping photos with your point and shoot, DSLR or webcam there are a few constants that add up to make a really spectacular photo. Technical know-how doesn't always ensure a great picture.

Finding the Answers in Her Lil' Black Book

She can be an ex partner, an old friend from growing up, a coworker or even a relative. She is there to give advice, slap foolish ideas out of his head or even console when things go wrong. Every guy who is into ladies should have one. She is the girl friend. The one who is there to help guide guys along as they pursue relationships.

Plaything: Mini Pearl

This was my first vibrator, maybe my second. Don't recall, but I do remember it fondly! The price was right, and it has a nice low to high dial that didn't freak me out with intense power. I was also able to keep it tidily tucked away in its little box unlike the power tools I now have that are generally bigger than the average book. I think I got about a year of abuse from it before the cord became detached from the vibrator, but it wasn't a frustratingly slow demise; it just simply stopped working one day.

Pillow Talk: Photographer Danny Girl Portieous

Raw. Edgy. Strong. Wow. None of these are out of place when you first encounter the photographs of Montreal's Danny Girl Portieous. A rebel with a camera and a cause, Danny has been blazing a sexy, smart and smutty trail across the picture-makin' world. Her subjects are outsiders living on the fringe and she is always ready to tell their tale with her images. At the same time, she has worked for high profile clients with numerous magazine covers to her credit.

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Toy Inventors: We-Vibe

Proud Canadians revel in claiming our superiority and accomplishments in many different areas. We brew tremendous beer, our hockey players are the toughest and most skilled, our bacon is by far the best.

Exposed Exposures: My (limited) Experience Posing Sexy

In the past, I’ve been asked to ‘model.’ I’m using that term very loosely because I am definitely not a model, but I guess I am pretty open and easy going with my sexual self. Always up for a new challenge, I readily agreed and both times were an adventure.