June 2011

Boylesque and Beauties: Stoo Metz

It all starts with a dream, a desire, a deep yearning to success. Or perhaps it starts with a dashing a chapeau. Whatever the case, the Halifax scene is a better place because of one man's desire to wear a hat. Double-threat artist Stoo Metz hits both sides of hot as both a pin-up photographer and boylesque performer.

Sexlife Canada chatted with Stoo about how he captures sexy images and presents one himself.

Icon of Desire: Keela Watts

“I see sexual energy as an enormous, powerful resource that can be drawn upon to feed fantasy or destruction, to enlighten, manipulate or create,” reveals Toronto burlesque singer and performer extraordinaire Keela Watts. “It’s in my dreams, influences my actions and moods, and I am fascinated by how some people are subtly sexy while others are blunt and in your face with it. Sometimes I transform sex energy in outlets that aren’t necessarily sexual: acting, dancing, sports and even meditation and yoga.

3 x 3: Composition in Erotic Photography

One of the most fundamental elements of any good picture is composition. Composition just a long word for saying 'how the things that make up an image are put together.' There are lots of factors to consider when determining the composition of your photo, but let's take a look at one of the most basic of these.

The Rule of Thirds

Turned on by The Sex Appeals

“We've definitely had people challenge us about some of our lyrics,” relates Sarah Creagen of Toronto’s The Sex Appeal. “But, we view that as a good thing! It's always better to have an open dialogue. And, it's good for us, I think, to be forced to take our music seriously enough to self criticize and to accept all forms of feedback! Because, well, at least the feedback means someone came to our shows and listened to our lyrics! And that can never be a bad thing.”

Plaything: Perk Vibe

Dils are a funny thing and we all seem to have a fairly firm (teehee) opinion of them. Realistic, hard, smooth, bumpy, veiny, purple, stubby, long, thick, lean…There are so many options and you have to choose what feels good for you. However, there are a few attributes that make the Perk Vibe, in my opinion, better than most.

Pillow Talk: Heterosexuals For Same-Sex Equality

“What would you think if I sang out of tune/
Would you stand up and walk out on me?”

Whatever tune you might be singing, whatever instrument you might be playing, friends don’t walk out on friends. And Heterosexuals For Same-Sex Equality want the queer community to know that they right there to help out. Whether it be protesting, advocacy initiatives or mourning, HSSE bring their mission of tolerance and understanding to the public at large to further the cause of same-sex equality.

Small City with Big City Pride

With summer upon us and crowds eagerly venturing outdoors to enjoy the sun, Pride celebrations and activities will be taking place throughout the country. While the big city events such as Pride Toronto and Divers/Cité in Montreal often garner national coverage, there are many exciting projects undertaken by LGBT communities in smaller centres all over Canada.

View From The Top: The Things You Do For Sex

I was scanning through the news recently, preparing for my radio show, when a headline caught my eye. It read, “On the Beltway, a claim of drunken sex at 85 mph.” I was shocked that anyone could slap bodies together in passion that fast...at least without worrying about trauma.