May 2011

The Economics of Porn—Homegrown Porn

The world of homegrown pornography conjures up all sorts of sexy, secretive images. One imagines young couples closing the shades for a weekend of filming, or lithe men and women spreading out their goods in front of a camera (either in public or private). We look at these people living out their sex lives in front of the lens and the thrills we receive stem from the tantalizing thought that perhaps—just perhaps—this is exactly what they do when the camera is off. We imagine that we are witnessing the event itself, rather than a recording.

How to Master Female Ejaculation

It is very common in today’s porn for a scene to end off with an enormous, piercing, mind-blowing, body-shaking, extremely pleasurable, squirting or gushing orgasm otherwise known as female ejaculation. This overwhelming display of pleasure causes many of us to question “how come I can’t do that?” or “how can I get her to do that?” or even “where the heck does that come from?” Many women ejaculate in their casual sexual encounters. Also, there are many women who have taught themselves to ejaculate.

Plaything: Hathor Aphrodesia Lube

Hathor lube! I love Hathor lube! I can safely say it’s my favourite out of any lubricant I’ve tried. I bought an 8oz bottle of it years ago, and it’s lasted me to this day (granted, through a couple of dry spells, and it’s running out now, but still…)

Pillow Talk: Kink in Motion

Sometimes a person's blog can you tell you so much. Sometimes it just scratches the surface. Kink in Motion is a fascintating read because KIM, the pansexual, polyamourous, sapiosexual switch and creator of the site is a dynamic individual! From her base in Southern Ontario, you're going to read and learn about poi, erotic photography, flow arts and so much more. 

Sexlife Canada connected with the woman behind the words to discover what inspires her, what excites and and where her words are coming from.

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop Co-Operative: Come As You Are

“We are the anti-experts,” admits Jack Lamon, one of the worker-owners of Toronto’s Come As You Are.” Sure, we know a lot about sex toys, books, DVDs and sex generally, but we firmly believe that you are the only expert on your body and your pleasure. We always assume that our customers know more than we do about what they're looking for—because they do!”

View From The Top: Simply Irresistible

'Nice guys finish last' is a frequent phrase used by those who have bad luck when it comes to finding love. It's a reassuring pat on the back to make someone feel better when they strike out, but is there any truth to this phrase?

It turns out there just might be some data to support this! The Emotion and Self Lab at the University of British Columbia has been doing some research that might give some insight into this idea.

SlutWalk Toronto Co-Founder Resigns

The SlutWalk Toronto event on April 3rd attracted thousands to the streets, generated interest globally, and has gone on to include dozens of similar events around the world. The shoulder-to-shoulder troops marched from Queen’s Park to Police Headquarters at 40 College Street to bring light to an officer’s comments labeling women and people most at risk of sexual assault as “sluts”.

Rookies of the Year: Bourbon&Spice Burlesque

“We are bringing back old-style burlesque with a modern edge, meaning we aren't showing as much skin and leaving more to the imagination,” reveals Kerosene of Ottawa’s Bourbon&Spice Burlesque. “All of our numbers are original and we are concentrating more on the art and humour of burlesque than the striptease.”