April 2011

Your Local Neighbourhood Swing Club: Club E.S.P.

“At Club E.S.P., you get a taste of good old down home Maritime hospitality,” assure Dana and Debbie. “We provide a relaxed, no pressure environment in which couples and ladies can comfortably meet.”

This friendly and welcoming vibe is a trademark of Halifax’s oldest swing club. Started in 1990, the first events held were monthly swingers dances. Four swinger couples and two nudist couples attended that first gathering. Now, Club E.S.P. boasts a membership of thousands. Thousands of “Extra Sensual People.”

Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada April 30-May 6

Want to capture some sexy images? Consider Art of Loving's Nude Photography Class

Tie one on at Alberta Rope Lovers Calgary

Penis Pleasing Workshop will teach you some new skills

Get Some Wood at Pink Velvet Burlesque's 5-Year Anniversary Party!

Whenever anything lasts 5 years, there is definite cause for celebration. Whether it be a relationship, a vibrator (okay those two might be mutually exclusive) or a fantastic burlesque troupe, 5 years is a long time to stick it out. But the ladies and men of Halifax’s Pink Velvet Burlesque have stuck it out and will be getting it on this weekend at two anniversary spectaculars!

Don't Hang Up Those Tassels Pandora LaGlamme!

“I've not actually been onstage in months,” admits Toronto performer Pandora LaGlamme, “so my plans seem to change regularly! Most often, I'm coming up with new numbers (performances) in my head, with a variety of humorous twists. But every so often, I wonder if it's time to throw in the towel and start putting together a wicked scrapbook for my future grandchildren...Looks like only time will tell.”

Taking the Outlaw out of Sex: Paddy Jane

“Everything begins in my heart,” reveals Paddy Jane, Toronto photographer and host of Sex, Outlaws & Rock n’ Roll. “What I show you—whether I’m performer and you’re the audience, I’m teacher and you’re the student, I’m storyteller and you’re the listener, I’m lover and you’re my sexy fiery love—is directly inspired by how I feel about you in that moment. I can be everything from silly and playful to educational, dominant to cheek-blushing shy. When you’re human, you can be everything. Boxes are for packing, not people.”

Mixed Martial Arts as Homo Kink Porn

The first major sporting event I ever attended was at the Bell Centre in Montreal in April of 2008. This was also the first sporting event I’d ever been to of my own free will. Sports generally don’t interest me. However, on April 30th, I will be getting my sport on at the Rogers Centre in my hometown of Toronto for UFC 129. Ultimate Fighting Championship. Aka alpha men* beating the shit out of each other.

It’s sports. It’s violence. Why do I like it?

Foot Fucking as Art: Foot Fetish (Part 2)

Foot fucking is an art of it’s own. It demands good muscle control on the part of the person with fabulous feet (i.e. me)—particularly in the thighs—and the ability to sustain a repetitive action for longish periods of time. Giving a 'foot job' is not as easy at it appears. It also requires strength. The grunt of pleasure when I push my feet together around a ready, willing and very able cock is intoxicating as is the slurpy, gulping motion of the tongue when my foot is placed firmly in the mouth of a footman, great toe on one jaw, ‘pinkie’ toe on the other.

Plaything: Liquid Silk

Liquid Silk is the second lubricant I’ve tried. No hard feelings to my old stand-by, but I get restless even using the same toothpaste for too long, so I figured it was time to switch things up. Liquid Silk intrigued me with its sassy packaging, and its promise of non-tacky, no stick, lotion-y goodness.

Pillow Talk: Freaky Fountain Press

How dark is too dark? How far can writers go in expressing their fantasies? Will readers accept stories about rape, incest, entrails and many more societally-deemed deviant thoughts? Few publishers will even read these types of stories, let alone publish them for the masses. As a publisher bucking that trend, Freaky Fountain Press are open to letting literary sexual experimentation flow. Sexlife Canada discussed the world of dark erotica with publishers Catherine Leary and Robin Wolfe.