March 2011

Sophisticated and Sexy: Les Coquettes

Les Coquettes are trying to create live theatre that allows people to check their inhibitions and anything from their ‘real life’ that might be weighing them down at the door,” details founding member and artistic Director Catherine Skinner. “We involve the audience in every show, and utilize each venue as dynamically as we can, so that our audiences feel like they are guests at a party we are hosting.”

Keep Up the Attitude: Sexlife Canada Turns 1

When I signed on to help out with Sexlife Canada, I will readily admit that I wasn’t quite sure what “sex-positive” could encompass. Now I know—it can cover a lot of ground. As my mind started flying around to the many different things that are sex-positive, I became very inspired and story ideas began peaking out from here and there.

From Blank Wall to Full Minds, Hearts and More: ToroGru3

“One of the things I love the most about the GRUE Unconference model is that there are no predetermined topics or workshops, no set schedule before the morning of the event,” reveals JP Robichaud, organizer of the upcoming ToroGru3 in Toronto. “It's the first thing we do, once we have all the attendees in the space.

Sexlife Canada's 1st Anniversary Party!

 Sexlife Canada, the country's guide to sex positive culture and community
celebrates it's 1st Anniversary!

Wednesday March 30
as part of Granny Boots
The Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON

The Essence of Life: Bloodplay

Blood isn't supposed to leave the body, right? Being the fluid of life and all, it should flow through us and not out of us. Then why do so many people have a sexual fetish for its release?

Plaything: Lucky 7 Vibrator

Let’s be honest, there are a billion miniivibrators out there with similar shape, size, colour, even name! How do you pick? We all have our own preferences in shape, size, colour, and maybe even name (who would want to buy a vibe named Barf?). The truth is, sometimes we just want a small, discreet quiet vibe for a little something extra from time to time. These little bullet or egg shaped toys come in many different vibration settings and strengths and until you’ve tried a few different ones, it’s really difficult to know which one will do the trick for you.

Pillow Talk: Seeking Simone

Dating sucks. We all know it. If it was such a lovely experience, humans as a species wouldn't always be trying to think of new and easier ways to make it happen. Regardless of whether your goal is to get into someone's pants or their heart, you need to do that dance at least a little bit.

One of the beautiful things about the internet is the advent of dating websites that can take some of the clumsy first steps out of that lambada of lust. These sites can save you much time, embarrassment and headache. And that is exactly what Simone is hoping for.

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Toy Company: Avelli

 “The Canadian sex toy market continues to grow each year,” offers Megan Hoernke of Avelli. “We are seeing an increased comfort with sexuality the marketplace in general.”

Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada March 26-April 1

Vancouver’s BDSM men’s group are getting together in the dungeon at VASM Dungeon Play Party

Get ready for more CARNAL DESIRES 2: THE SEQUEL

Kinksters are chatting at Steeltown Munch