February 2011

Plaything: Crown Condoms

Crown Condoms have one simple focus: feeling natural. In no way can wearing a condom feel like wearing nothing at all, but Crowns come as close as it gets! Condoms made by Japanese companies have been gaining popularity over the last few years, and it’s understandable why. They’re made smooth (no bumps or ridges), which helps with the natural feeling. They also transfer body heat a lot better than most other condoms I’ve tried.

Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada February 28-March 6

Explore your various kinks through discussion and sharing of ideas at GrUE “Graydancer's Unconference Extravaganza”

They're also into self-exploration in Calrgary this weekend at the What's Your Kink? Series


Pillow Talk: Tasha Riley of AIDS Vancouver

An entire generation has grown up with the reality of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, but still, many do not fully understand its different personal and social implications. Those who live with the condition every day are still the victims of stigmas born of lack of compassion and ignorance. Education for all of us has grown over the years and it is helping everyone understand, but it still needs to do more.

Your Local Neighbourhood Boudoir Studio: Rebecca McKay Photography

 “My clients inspire me!” enthuses Edmonton-based photographer Rebecca McKay. “Especially in Boudoir I feel so alive and inspired by the women who come to have their photos taken. Each women who comes offers me a new perspective on what beautiful truly is and this is what motivates me and inspires me during their photoshoots. I am also very driven by the comments women give me regarding their shoots afterward. Women have told me their photoshoots have changed their lives....what could be more inspiring, really!?”

Hip Hip Hooray for Lady Porn Day!

 Lady Porn Day just happened. If you didn’t have it marked in your calendar don’t worry—this was its first year. However, when you’re scheduling stuff for 2012 you might want to make a note of February 22nd so you are prepared to tweet or blog about your own relationship to, preferences in, and opinions about porn.

Sorry guys, this is for ladies only. (A gender-variant-inclusive definition of “ladies”.)

From Raunch and Rock to Class and Sophistication: The Firecrackers

“Sex plays a big role in my performances; although I like modern music and storytelling, I personally feel the striptease is the most important part of my numbers,” acknowledges Scarlett LaFlamme of The Firecrackers. “And I never want to get away from the fact that it is sensual, and it IS stripping.”

Open and Connected: Samantha Fraser

“Sex is in almost my every thought. I'm all about pushing people to be their most honest and open selves and a healthy relationship with sex and sexuality is, I think, a big part of that,” espouses Toronto’s Samantha Fraser. “Even if people choose to not have sex, it's key to connect with themselves to discover that. Watching people go through this process as well as going through it myself is inspiring every day.”

Loosen Your Lusty Letters: Erotic Writing with Myna Wallin

“Sometimes I start with an idea, with something that happened to me or could have happened to me, or I wish had happened to me,” reveals author and editor Myna Wallin. “It doesn’t really matter; we’re writing fiction after all. One piece in my book started as a made-up fetish (for paint) and the exercise was to write a film treatment. That piece ended up being used as a dream sequence. Another passage started when I challenged myself to write about a threesome.

Plaything: Under The Bed Restraints

I love the ease of Under The Bed Restraints and count this as a definite top 5 toy in my fun box. They usually live under my mattress on top of the boxspring, splayed out and ready. Right now, they are under a friend's bed as a loaner gift to her newly-single self.