January 2011

The Beautiful Triumvirate Celebrated at Love Sex and Romance Show

The red season is kicking into high gear! The season of hearts and chocolate and roses...it can only mean the impending arrival of Valentine' Day. However, if you find all of those types of sentiments a little to plain, perhaps you need to step out to The Love Sex and Romance Show, a new addition to the sex show circuit taking place February 4–6 in Barrie, Ontario.

Sexlife Canada caught up with Event Producer Brenda McLaughlin as she prepares for the big event.

Plaything: Kama Sutra Milk Chocolate Body Paint

When I first brought the Kama Sutra Milk Chocolate Body Paint home, I admit that I was nervous. First off, I thought it would taste like plastic. Second, I figured it would be runny and drip all over the place and to be honest, I was scared for my new white sheets.

Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada January 30–February 5

At Sexlife Canada, we're always looking for events, workshops, munches, seminars and parties to feature. If you're presenting something, present it to us! Post your listing or email our Managing Editor.

Metro Kink presents Westward Bound, a three day conference and play festival. Should be a whip-crackin' good time.

Pillow Talk: Many Goodhandy and Todd Klinck

When the words 'sex' and 'party' are thrown together in Toronto, one venue comes to mind immediately. The dynamic duo of Mandy Goodhandy and Todd Klinck have established their hotspot Goodhandy's as the place to go to find a good time—of almost any kind. In thoroughly embracing the concept of a "pansexual playground," Goodhandy's hosts a wide variety of club nights for a wide variety of clientele.

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop: Positive Passions

Positive Passions provides a classy, supportive environment to overcome the challenges we face in regards to sexuality,” beams Celeste Lemieux. “For those who are already comfortable within their sexuality, we empower our clientele to safely push their sexual boundaries and enhance their sexual selves.” As CEO she has plenty of reason to radiate joy at the success of Positive Passions and the growing sex-positive community in Saskatoon.

All Over The Bed: Sex News for January 22–January 28

Freedom is a precarious thing, folks. Feel lucky we can take a few moments to read about sex. Not that we can take the time...that we can read about sex. 

Friends, Edmontonians, Let Me Tan Your Rears: Lupercalia Comes to Town

Historically, Lupercalia is an ancient Roman pastoral festival celebrated on the ides of February. Named after the Lupercus, the Roman god of shepherds, part of the celebrations involved noble youths and magistrates would run through the streets naked, striking people with thongs. Many of those people would purposely get in the way of the wild runners to be struck. Because it began as a ritual to ask for abundant crops, the festival became a rite to request fertility for women as well and they would request to be whipped.

Playing sexy notes: Layla Labelle

 “Being a pornstar is an amazing job,” gushes Montreal’s Layla Labelle. “You get to meet so many people, gorgeous men and women.” In just a couple years, the native of Belgium has gone from occasional work in Montreal to being cast in the reality porn show Tight.

Making Sweet Music: Amber Goodwyn

 “Right now I’m lucky to be an artist pretty much full-time, which allows me to access themes that speak to me as they come up, including sex,” reveals Amber Goodwyn of the Montreal band Nightwood. “Also, as a friend and lover, I’m open to supporting those I care about whenever they have something sex-related they’d like to discuss, so in those ways sex is still involved in my life (outside of having sex, that is).”

Down in the Happy Valley of Pleasure

“The essence of our designs depends on a few basic principles. Most importantly, sex is fun, it is great to laugh at yourself and with your partner,” affirms Mark Ricketts of Happy Valley. “You should never take yourself, or your toys, too seriously. Any new toy should offer something new, an improvement, or novel alternative to existing toys.” This simple philosophy to sex-positive pleasure has firmly established Happy Valley as one of the pre-eminent manufacturer of silicone dildos, vibes and buttplugs in the world.