December 2010

All Over The Bed: Sex News for December 26–December 31

Happy New Year from Sexlife Canada! When your brain is ready to function again this morning (or this afternoon), here's a dose of sex news from the past week to help you recover.

From T.O. scholar to NYC sex scandal

Polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs pleads not guilty

Start the New Year with a Bang!

New Year's Eve wouldn't be complete without all of us making some resolutions for 2011. Maybe you want the typical list of eating healthy and going to the gym? We don't. Sexlife Canada asked some of our favourite sexy personalities to give us their resolutions for the coming year, and I sure hope they get every single one. And let's all follow their lead. Let's set the bar high and our pants low and have a great new year!

Legalities and Lust: Looking Back on 2010

Rarely have we seen such an eventful year in Canadian sex history. Legal decisions and pending cases ruled the news and will have a significant impact moving forward into 2011. Who else is looking forward to it?

Dr. Trina Read to the rescue

Calgary sexologist Dr. Trina Read has a mission to show couples how to have fun, fresh and meaningful sex.

Read didn’t set out for a career helping others with their sex lives. She spent 10 years pushing papers in the corporate world until in her late 20’s. A speech by renowned Canadian sex educator Sue Johansen, a viewing of the Vagina Monologues, and some encouraging words from a male friend all inspired her to learn everything she could about sexuality in order to help others. She now holds a doctorate of Sexuality from the Institute of Human sexuality in San Francisco.

She gets your motor runnin': Sasha Van Bon Bon

“Sex brings out many things in me: it inspires me, it enrages me, it calms me down, it makes me ambivalent, it breaks my heart, it soothes it. If you read my column carefully enough, you’ll always know when I’m in love, when I’m getting laid really well, or when I’m heartbroken,” says the lady who needs no introduction in the Toronto sex scene, Sasha Van Bon Bon. Whether it be as a burlesque performer without compare or as the sex advice columnist for NOW magazine, or even the occasional DJing spot, Sasha is everywhere.

Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada—New Year's Eve 2011

If you're someone who like to get out and shake a tailfeather on New Year's Eve, here are some events taking place across Canada. If you're more the public event or house party type, here's hoping those shindigs are as swinging as the following could be. Wherever you may be, we at Sexlife Canada hope you send 2010 out with a bang.

Green is the New Black – Eco-sexy Sex Toys

After visiting the Red Tent Sisters, a sex shop in her riding, Liberal MLP, Dr. Carolyn Bennett, sent a letter to the Federal Minister of Health in December last year, asking them to look into the potential health risk that some chemicals in sex toys may pose, suggesting that there is a "urgent need for responsible regulation in the adult toy industry."—Sex Toys Safety Questioned,

The chemicals that many are worried about (including the Canadian Cancer Society) are called phthalates, a chemical compound known

Take a Peek: The Keyhole Sessions


Have you thought about what happens on the other side of a door, perhaps at a hotel, a cottage, a friends, or family? Have you ever peeked through a keyhole to see what’s happening on the other side? For those who have, and for those that want to, Toronto’s Keyhole Sessions may just be what you’ve been looking for.


Observing What's Funny About Sex: John Woods of The Wet Spots

“If I am confronting a sexual issue in my own life and relationships it can be harder to be glib and humorous about it when writing the comic material,” reveals John Woods, one half of the comedy burlesque sensation The Wet Spots. “But sometimes being honest about what hurts strikes a goldmine of laughs.”

It isn’t just a goldmine The Wet Spots have struck. It is the orgasm produced after giving someone a nice bauble made of gold that defines this duo of dirty ditties.