November 2010

All Over The Bed: Sex News for November 14–20

Welcome to a new weekly feature on Sexlife Canada. Every Saturday we will gather up some of the sex- and sexuality-related news stories from across Canada and around the World. If you ever read something you'd like to share with the Sexlife Canada community, please drop us a line. Now, grab your robe and a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Booze-fuelled sex assaults targeted

Misplaced Elbows and Feelings: Tales of Awkard Sex

Everyone has been there, even the most skilled and dedicated ‘sexperts.’ Sometimes it involves some bumbling and laughter, sometimes it is emotional and hard. But inevitably, all of us have had awkward sex. Maybe it is just an instance, a moment during a sexual encounter. Or maybe the whole damn experience has been clumsy, right from the opening line to the closing goodbye.

Claudia Dey: Helping Bush Pilots Earn Their Wings

“Lace up your combat boots, cinch your flight suits and stand at attention,” commands Claudia Dey, in the introduction to How To Be A Bush Pilot. This how-to guide to getting it on is the latest work from novelist, playwright and columnist Dey, and offers essential female insight to turn any man into a Bush Pilot: a man who is a master in the bedroom. From rudimentary information to mind-blowing skills, this is the type of book that should be on the bedside table of every man in the country.

Hot for Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition

It is refreshing to see a new approach to teaching about sex and sexuality. And it is a long-time coming.

"And the nominees are..." Canadian Sex-Industry Awards!

This past June, The Naked Truth—a Canadian social community for adult entertainers and their friends—presented the first annual TNT Awards for those involved in the sex industry in Canada.

The Sound of Getting Started: Jess MG

“Not having sex sucks. I will go to great lengths to fulfill my sexual needs,” divulges Jess MG, member of the Audio Smut collective. “It’s a priority. Having great sex makes everything better.” Airing monthly on CKUT in Montreal, Audio Smut is a “racy radio show exploring the vast terrain of sexuality. We are a feminist collective of sex positive activists who are committed to finding creative ways of challenging notions of decency” and Jess has been a part of the collective for 2 years.

Proving why Sex Matters: Cynthia Loyst

"I love when I meet people from completely different cultural/social/sexual circles, who share their stories about love and sex," affirms Cynthia Loyst, Producer and Host of Sex Matters. “For example, I once met a woman from Bangladesh who asked me about the show and then proceeded to share the intimate details of her wedding night.

Nibbles and Licks for November: Your Guide to Sexy Happens Across Canada

Sure, it is starting to get cold. Sure, it is getting dark earlier. Sure, we're just getting started on another Canadian winter. But that's no reason to curl up in a ball, wishing for the sweet release of Spring! Okay, I am one who is likely to try and do that, but there are just too many things to be out and about doing and seeing and licking and nibbling!