November 2010

Vote For Sexy Student Council President: Veronka Swartz

“They say fear is a good motivator, I say Sex is the best motivator. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, I say Sex makes the heart grow fonder,” jokes Veronika Swartz. “They say don't count your chickens before they hatch, I say Sex.” Of course she’s going to say something funny.

Getting BENT: Toronto Sex Party Returns

“Most kink parties in Toronto are focused on dressing up in your best kinky duds and shaking a leg on the dance floor to loud music at the bar,” details Dana Shaw, long-time organizer of BENT. “BENT's difference is that it's all about the play. Music is on in the background but not so loud you can't talk over it. There's nothing scheduled to interfere with play - no announcements, door prizes, performers, demonstrations, etc. are scheduled for entertainment.”

Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada

The weather may be cooling, but Canadians are always heating up!


Sometimes it is fun and sexy to actually keep your clothes on! The Art of Loving presents Sex Games, a night of laughing, chatting, flirting and fun! Games and storytelling are a perfect way to reveal yourself in a non-intimidating way.

Review: Wickedly Sensual 2 in 1 Flavoured Heating Massage Lubricant

Nothing brings a sexy mood down faster than an unworkable lube. Be it a difficult bottle to open, an unpleasant smell—or even worse, taste, or a liquid that is supposed to be slick and smooth but turns out to be sticky. All of these factors make picking the right lube a very important decision.

All Over The Bed: Sex News for November 21–26

Every Saturday we will gather up some of the sex- and sexuality-related news stories from across Canada and around the World. If you ever read something you'd like to share with the Sexlife Canada community, please drop us a line. Now, grab your robe and a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Prostitution: Should it be decriminalized in Canada?

A Sexy Space For All: Calgary Adult Playground Club

Gathering for sex is an age-old tradition. People have always sought others of similar proclivities, in safe and comfortable environments, to live out fantasies and sexual urges that may not be possible to live out in ‘regular’ life. These get-togethers can be informal or organized, glory holes or membership applications. Swing parties took up cause for a good period of time, but those parties were often deemed misogynistic and homophobic.

The Fine Art of Public Humiliation-The Everything To Do With Sex Show

 This article was supposed to be coverage of the 2010 Everything To Do With Sex Show in Toronto. But instead is about the public humiliation I endured at the event. No, I wasn’t a volunteer in a BDSM humiliation scene. That would have been nice. What happened was not nice at all.

Sexlife Canada nominated for Naked Truth Awards!

Sexlife Canada and two of our writers have been nominated for Naked Truth People's Choice Awards!
Sexlife Canada has received an unchallenged nomination in the category of Favourite Sex Industry News Source and Sexlife Canada contributors Jon Pressick and Joanna Chiu are both nominated in the Favourite Adult Journalist category. Congratulations to all of the nominees!

Endlessly Fascinated By Sex: Olga Wolstenholme

“Down and dirty life experiences are what I find inspiring,” reveals Olga Wolstenholme, creator of the fascinating blog Cuntlove.

Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada

Lots to see and do this week! Get out and get sexy!

Been curious but never tried it? Anal stimulation and sex remains an elusive goal of many a curious sexplorer. Many are afraid it will hurt, many are fearful of hygiene issues. Well, if you’re thinking about traveling down the backroad, check out The Art of Loving’s Backside Love workshop! There’s lots of fun to be had back there, and I bet the workshop will be good too.