October 2010

Performing Nature: Ms. Natx

“Sex is just so beautiful! Sexuality in general is just so magnificent,” reveals burlesque performer and fetish model Ms. Natx. “Sometimes it can be so passionate and sweet and then sometimes it's just so primal! The emotions that are put forth in a good fucking are simply incredible. Passion is what drives me.”

Trick and Treat: Sexy Halloween Costumes for 2010

While many of us like to get dressed up in costume on a regular basis, the annual autumnal celebration of Halloween gives everyone the opportunity to live a little outside themselves. One of the best lines of recent films is ““Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut, and no other girls can say anything about it. The hardcore girls just wear some form of lingerie and animal ears” from 2004’s Mean Girls. Well, let’s not just let the girls dress like sluts!

A Lifetime of Sex: Bryen Dunn

"Sex is nature's creative energy. Being sexually frustrated is a deterent to one's overall well being," reveals local impressario Bryen Dunn. "I find a sudden surge of energy after sex, a release of the creative juices so to speak."

Meeting of the Sexy Minds at BENT

The salon is a grand, old tradition of people gathering to discuss the issues of the day, be it literature, politics, fashion or sex. Bryen Dunn, Toronto man-about-town has been organizing Bent—An Evening of Queer Expressions for a couple of years and has grown a dedicated following of queers who want to discuss various topics, salon style. Lead by moderator Andrew Vail and including a revolving cast of expert panelists, the conversations can get quite raucous.

New Wave Lookers: The Emergence of Female-Friendly Porn

The face of porn is changing. Well, the faces in porn are always changing, but the faces that buy porn are changing as well. Porn itself, with all its subgenres, has undergone many changes too, but none so positive as the new emphasis on female-friendly porn. As porn grew into the multi-billion dollar industry it is in the 1980s, it became entirely focussed on a very male-centred perspective of sex and sexuality. Now, directors are taking up the torch of porn that will is female-centred.

Further Confessions: Myna Wallin

 “I find sex to be a kind of life force, and it adds a vitality and authenticity to my writing.” muses Myna Wallin, author of Confessions of a Reluctant Cougar. “It’s by removing your inhibitions, and letting yourself write about people's sexual quirks…that is liberating for me, and hopefully interesting for the reader.”

Vigil for Remembrance, Vigil for Action: Honouring Lost Queer Youth

I wonder two things: why does it take tragedy to make action and why do we keep asking this first question? Why are we always trying to right wrongs after the wrongs have gotten out of hand? Why aren’t we correcting wrongs before they lead to tragedies?