September 2010

Sex on the Airwaves: Jeanette Cabral

“I'm often met the the comment ‘YOU do a SEX show?!?? Say something sexy!’” muses Jeanette Cabral, Producer of Sex City. “So I'll incorporate the word ‘cock’ in a legitimate conversation at the water cooler and then people get over it and I'm able to get back to my desk.”

Finally!" Reactions to the changes to Ontario's prostitution laws

The reaction to Ontario Superior Court Justice Susan Himel’s ruling yesterday on prostitution laws was fast. People involved in or allies of sex workers were quick to thank and praise the decision as the necessary next step in eventual decriminalization of sex work. Justice Himel determined “prostitutes will be able to communicate freely with customers on the street, conduct business in their homes or brothels and hire bodyguards and accountants without exposing them to the risk of criminal sanctions.

RCMP Against Craigslist Sex Work Ads

On September 4, 2010, America’s Craigslist took down its “erotic services” section, replacing it with a black censored bar, in response to pressure, which had been intensifying since 2008, from seventeen attorney generals and several non-profit groups.

According to Dr. Michael Goodyear, professor of medicine and feminist ethics at Dalhousie University, “the removal of Craigslist advertising will force sex work further underground—actually making it harder for police and FBI to monitor criminal activities.”

Bits and Bites for Oh-Oh-Oh October

Was it just me or was September a rather blah month? After such a warm and lovely summer, September came is cool and that, literally, cooled me off. It seemed like it cooled other people off as well because I just wasn't seeing the sexy out there. But October is just around the corner, and if anything October always offers the sexiest day of the year: Halloween. But first some other things are happening to wet your whistles.

Never Too Old to be Hot and Bothered

In a world that is much more connected, we are finally learning and including more people in the discussion of sexuality. One group that has received far less recognition as sexual beings are older adults. Unless you happen to be a wealthy older man in a dapper fedora, many people come to the belief that once you hit a certain age you lose your sexuality. You’re not lusted after, you’re not seen as a person who has an itching desire to get laid.

Of judges, sex and shame

Do you like sex?  Seems like a stupid question. Of course you like sex. Everyone likes it. That is why our society is obsessed by it.


I have a contrarian view. I think that most folks in our culture are secretly frightened of the organs between our legs, and the things we do with them.