August 2010

Bits and Bites of the Toronto Scene in Ahhhhhhgust

 …or should it be Slaps and Spanks! Toronto is a pretty sexy town that has very much embraced the fetish club scene. This is not to say that fetish doesn’t exist elsewhere, I just mean that Toronto has really taken to getting dolled up in leather or pvc and hitting a dance club for some public paddywhacks.

Get Your Hands on Some Sexy Feet!

In the world of sex, the phrase “whatever floats your boat” is often used to describe behaviours that are anything and everything but vanilla. Activities, preferences and inclinations that are prevalent for an individual are most often referred to as a fetish.

Long term gay male couples and non-monogamy

Research shows that approximately two thirds of long-term male couples who have been together for five years or more are non-monogamous and honest about that. 

A new study, Beyond Monogamy: lessons from long term male couples in non-monogamous relationships examines this lifestyle option. The authors interviewed 86 couples and from that emerged the reasons why a majority of gay men choose to have more than one lover and be open with their partner(s) about that.

Happiness in Comfort: Nikki Thomas

 “Some people are threatened by what they consider to be overly-sexual discussion,” suggests Nikki Thomas, “and I think that we really need to be more up-front and open about sex, especially with kids.” Currently working toward her second degree in Psychology, Nikki has also been involved in the Sexual Diversity Studies Students Union at the University of Toronto.