July 2010

Laura Zilney: Dr. Sex to the rescue

“Largely I get my inspiration from the people I see in my practice,” reveals Dr. Sex. “To guide people on their journey to overcome their sexual problems is truly profound.” Known to many as Dr. Sex, through her weeky appearances on The Dean Blundell Show on The Edge 102.1 FM in Toronto, Dr. Laura Zilney is a board certified sexologist.

How sex-haters harm us

A few people who hate can affect everyone else in the culture.

Consider how a small cabal of Islamic woman-haters in Saudi Arabia or Iran can deprive a majority of the population  basic rights.

When we look at antisexual prejudice we find the same tyranny of the minority.

It is so common as to be barely noticed.

Bite-sized Toronto July!

 Nibbles and licks of what is happening in the city

Let’s see, how to recount the past month in Toronto…earthquake…civil (and civil servant) unrest…Pride controversies…The Queen in town…major heatwave…