June 2010

On the line with Phone Whore

It is only fitting that Cameryn Moore is doing promotion over the phone. After all, she is traveling on a 5 month odyssey (including numerous stops in Canada) performing her provocative show Phone Whore. I was lucky to connect with her as she took a break driving from Ottawa to Toronto.

Teen pregnancy may be down but STI's are rising

Canadians are busy congratulating themselves on a new study that shows a dramatic decline in the rate of teen pregnancies.

The study from the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada, based on Statistics Canada figures, found that teen pregnancies decreased by nearly 37 per cent nationally and 35 per cent in British Columbia in the 10-year period between 1996 and 2006.

Become a better lover with Sook-Yin Lee

“Love and good sex come when you can let yourself be vulnerable,” suggests Sook-Yin Lee, screenwriter and director of the new film Year of the Carnivore. “Always trying to get ‘better’ at something—better at your job, better status, better friends, better at sex—is an illusion.”

Andrea Zanin: Sex never rests

“The reason I do so much work around sex and sexuality,” imparts Andrea Zanin, “is because sex is such a lightning rod for politics, as well as being such a clear channel for personal growth.” If this is true than her ‘personal’ must be about twelve feet tall.
Andrea is one of those whirlwind dynamos who just doesn’t seem to stop working. That so much of her work is focused on sex and sexuality is a bonus to anyone looking for answers to sexual queries. Don’t believe me? Here’s what she currently working on:

Sperm Wars, Male Pubic Hair Shaving, Cunninglingus and Pornography

I recently came across the Haligonia.ca website and the Late Night “Trashy” Talk Show with Dr Paul, where the host shares a martini with “the movers and shakers of Halifax” and chats them up. Recently (in May), he interviewed Psychology Professor Shannon Nickerson who teaches the popular course on Human Sexual Behavior at Saint Mary’s University.

During the interview Professor Nickerson discussed various subjects including Sperm Wars, Male Pubic Hair Shaving, Cunninglingus, Pornography Addiction and much more.

Liquor Law: Violence OK; Sex not OK

This weekend Vancouver hosted the blood drenched spectacle of mixed martial arts at GM Place. Over 17,000 fans filled the place, many sipping beer.

Five fighters were sent to the hospital.  One had a broken arm. Another had been knocked out.

GM Place, like your average bar, is a licensed premise. What goes on in the ring has to conform to BC liquor laws.

The Naked truth about the Naked Truth awards

Pussy Squirters, Good Dykes, PervertBoys and more where all in attendance Wednesday night at the RIO on Broadway for the Naked Truth's Canadian Adult Entertainment Awards.

The event was organized and conceived by Annie Temple, founder of the Nakedtruth.ca, an online community resource for sex industry workers and fans. She wanted to do something that highlighted the positive aspects of an industry that is so often marginalized and stigmatized.

Sick of Sex and the City—A Rant

Is it just me, or are you sick of “Sex and the City”—the vapid series turned film franchise, turned gaudy consumerist overindulgence featuring four stereotypical cut-out characters who are supposed to be role models that ALL women can relate to. Oh, pa-leaze!

Venus Portraits: Celebrating and Empowering

Art can be many different things to many different people. It can teach, it can contextualize current and past events, it can entertain. Caro Chabot, an artist from Hamilton, Ontario embraces all of these, and so much more in her Venus Portraits.
Having been born intersexed, Chabot suffered from a “low sense of self identity and even lower sense of sex esteem.” After struggling for decades with being “between genders” she finally reconciled her body by accepting that she has “50/50 male/female energies in one body.”

Canada is talking about Women's sexual desire

The majority of Canadains describe sexual desire as feelings of longing, craving, or even the need for sensual indulgence, but the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) wants women and health professionals to know that desire is more than just a feeling. It is about over all physical health.