May 2010

Mating in Capitivity

Roughly half of the total population in Canada is married (including common law). And most of these married people have spent many years together.

How does long-term marriage impact one’s sex life?

It is a really tough question to answer accurately. But an abundance of evidence suggests that long term marriage and hot sex are mostly incompatible.

Bite-sized Toronto

Nibbles and licks of what is happening in the city......................

ORAL: Adventures in Erotica welcomes not only summer the air conditioning that has been installed at Renegade. And we’re going to need it this month as it is going to be a steamy affair! The hot and heavy line-up features Russell Smith, Andrea Zanin, Kirstie Andrews, Suki Lee, Shawn Syms and the one and only Midori give a long distance reading that will surely burn up Skype. 

Hot sex will cool the planet

Polls show that the environment is a major issue for most people  in the politics of their area. Everywhere we look we see “Mother Nature on the run”, as Neil Young put it.

This eco mess has an obvious cause: rampant greed and consumerism. The world is being dug up, drilled, and polluted so people can have more and more of what they already have lots of.

Pioneering Alberta sexual health resource center to close it's door

Alberta Sexual Health Access will be closing its doors for good come the end of July after a stategic vote by the board.

The group began in 1975 under the name planned parenthood at the time they were one of the first groups to promote sexual health in the province and are still one the few remaining sexual health organizations in Calgary.

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

I am proud to live in the only riding in Nova Scotia (Kings/Hants) that has consistently elected a gay Member of Parliament—Scott Brison—who became Canada's first openly gay cabinet minister in 2004 and made history again in 2007, when he became the first federal politician to marry his same-sex partner, Maxime Saint-Pierre.

When I see the conflicts in the US over same-sex marriage as people fight for their individual rights, I think Canada must be a great country that embraces diversity, where we are all treated equally under the Charter of Rights, regardless of race, sex, or orientation.  However, homophobia and hate crimes are still ever present in Nova Scotia, as well as across Canada, and many link these incidents to an effort to silence the LGBT community and strip away their rights.

A Hard Pill To Swallow

When I was in my teens/early twenties I took the pill for some five odd years. I thought it was the greatest thing, helped me with my migraines and no really big surprises either! About three years ago I quite taking the birth control pill (BCP for short) for a number of reasons and never looked back.

May is Masturbation Month

May is Masturbation Month

Did you know that May is Masturbation Month?

What a concept!  A whole month devoted to the practice of self-pleasure, a practice that has historically been outlawed as taboo, shrouded in heinous myths, and been a source for displeasure, shame and righteous condemnation. 

Birth Control: 50 years of the pill

The pill ironically turned 50 on of all days Mother's Day this year.

The golden anniversary of this pill that radically evolved the social and political perceptions of women's sexual health highlights that even though society has come a long way to respecting the sexual freedoms and autonomy of women, it still has a long way to go.

6Ps of Sexual Wellness

I have never heard the 6P's (Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance) used in relation to sex before but they are exactly what sex educator and therapist Dr. David Hersh says more people need to keep in mind.

“When you’re gonna have sex, plan ahead what you need and set up your space… towels, lots of lube, refreshments, music, videos, etc., so you don’t have to jump up and down to get stuff,” he says. “Hide all clocks in the room. Shut all telephone ringers. There are no goals in bed. You really can have sex for eight hours.”