April 2010

Sex Magic: world premiere at Hot Docs

“When we start aligning our passion with our hearts, our bellies, our bodies and our conscious awareness, that power can then be harnessed to actually manifest our dreams and desires.”
These are the words and philosophy of Baba Dez, Tantric practitioner, sexual healer and the subject of the compelling new documentary Sex Magic: Mainfesting Maya that premieres Sunday May 2 at the Hot Docs Festival in Toronto.

Vancouver burlesque starts to SHINE

Burlesque theater is experiencing a cult-like revival. No longer regulated to dark and smokey bars, burlesque  can be found more often in theaters, community halls and even cultural centers.

Burlesque has become so popular that there are entire schools in Vancouver dedicated to teaching the finer arts of this erotic entertainment. Men are even getting in the action and exploring their sexier sides with what is being called “boylesque” and if you need to stay fit and feel sassy at the same there is always Burlesque Yoga.

Euphoric Femme: women’s sexual imagery

Women’s sexuality has long been stereotyped and often degraded.

Through her new project “The Euphoric Femme” Toronto artist Teresa Ascencao hopes to use unique media representation to show how women are “unraveling, expressing and redefining their sexuality".

Through a series of audiovisual installations, Euphoric Femme comes from Ascencao’s own interest in “the healing of sexually-based psychic wounds, reconnecting the sexual with the spiritual, cross-pollinating art with

Christine Bruckert trys to give sex workers POWER

Government laws are forcing Canadian citizens into dangerous environments, just so they can make a living, says Christine Bruckert.

Bruckert is a University of Ottawa criminology professor and an advocate for sex worker rights. She received her Ph.D., in sociology from Carleton in 2000 and has since then authored the book Taking it Off, Putting it On: Women in the Strip Trade along with numerous other papers highlighting the flaws in the Canadian legal system's treatment of sex workers.

Couple's kink launches consent debate

An Ottawa couple's kinky bedroom antics have sparked a court case raising important legal issues concerning personal autonomy and consent to sexual activity.

In early 2007 the Ontario couple engaged in fully consensual erotic play involving asphyxiation and bondage, which they had done before. He chocked her unconscious and then tied her hands behind her back and anally inserted a dildo. When she woke up they had sex and then after using a pre negotiated safe word he untied her. Business as usual.

National Gallery says art too explicit for youth

Oscar Wilde famously said “There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written.” The same should be said for all art, yet according to the National Art Gallery some art is morally questionable enough that it can not be displayed to the general public.

Pop Life: Art in a Material World will see 10% of it's exhibited mounted in a dead end back room of the gallery with signs warning of explicit and potentially offensive material to only be viewed by those over 18.

The Divine Miss C-Cadence Macmichael


If you live in Halifax and have ever been to any of the sexy events in town including the Burlesque shows, the Fetish Ball, the Everything to Do with Sex Shows, the Girlish Production parties or various fundraisers, you have no doubt seen Miss C (Cadence Macmicheal) doing one of her signature performances. Cadence is the reigning Starlet of Burlesque in Halifax, whose style pays homage to the classical Burlesque performers of old, like Dixie Evans—the "Marilyn Monroe Of Burlesque” who Cadence says was her biggest inspiration.

Wreck Beach: where are the nudists?

Wreck Beach, located at the bottom of steep bluffs fifteen minutes outside of Vancouver in Pacific Spirit National Park, has long operated as an autonomous zone in which vendors stroll the beach with nothing but sandals and coolers hawking everything from samosas and hot sticky buns to cold beer and psychoactive substance-filled bake goods.

Men on Film: Drasko Bogdanovic

“I absolutely love old glamour photography—classics from the early 20th century as well as porn from the 70s and 80s. Maybe its all that facial hair” muses Toronto-based photographer Drasko Bogdanovic.

With a number of shows under his belt, Bogdanovic has emerged as a powerhouse of male nude and erotic photography. His work has shown in many local galleries and at several international exhibitions. Numerous pieces have also been picked up in newspapers and been used for national advertising campaigns.

Pink Velvet Burlesque

Last Saturday evening I attended Reflections Cabaret on Sackville St. in Halifax to see Pink Velvet Burlesque.  It was their 4th Year Anniversary Celebration and many Haligonians as well as the performers were out in their sexiest finery.  After a one year hiatus, Halifax was eager to see their favorite burlesque troupe once again and all of the pre-event tickets sold out before opening night with only a few left at the door.

Burlesque is commonly mistaken for "exotic dancing".  And, while some of the members of Pink Velvet Burlesque do strip down to their pasties and a G-string, modern Burlesque