March 2010

Halifax is Sexy? Coming Out of the Closet…

Halifax is a city that has a reputation for being rather conservative when it comes to “sex”.

With only a handful of sex shops serving a city of 360,000 people, some folks thought when the Everything to Do with Sex Show came to town last year, it might be their first and the last.  However, the show went on this January with nearly double the vendors from the previous year with a variety of sexy wares, saucy seminars and even a kinky dungeon mainly staffed by the Society of Bastet and coordinated by Master John.

The Conundrum of Sexapalooza

This review is full of very conflicting feelings. After my visit to Sexapalooza, Hamilton edition, I was left both satisfied and wanting more.

On one hand, I applaud organizers who put on events such as Sexapalooza because they are bringing sex and sexuality out into the public for many people to explore. And for some, that exploration is a first time thing. Some of these people have never been to a sex shop, have never browsed for toys online, have never even considered some of the various outfits and activities discussed

The Brothel Project - A Victoria Film Fest 2010 Review

This film documents the journey of four women (including Jody Patterson, a prominent Victoria, BC journalist) to improve workplace safety for prostitutes by starting a co-operative brothel. Notably, the film features Mia, a self-proclaimed “courtesan”, who chooses prostitution and loves her work. Mia is beautiful, articulate, healthy, intelligent, and has her welding ticket.

The film’s approach to the portrayal of the world’s oldest industry is novel, but is it effective changing people’s opinions about how