January 2010

The Criminalization of Silence

Recently, in BC, 30-year-old Kevin Wade Taylor was charged with aggravated assault for not disclosing to his new lover that he was HIV positive before he had sex with her for the first time. The complainant contends there was no protection used.

According to sworn police statement filed in Surrey Provincial Court when police brought Taylor in for questioning, he denied any wrongdoing.

Is New West Gay friendly?

Two newspapers in Vancouver seem to think so.

In the space of a week, both Xtra and the New West News Leader published articles about the growing gay community in the historic city and the movement to have Council declare an official Gay Pride Day.

BC Sex Workers Challenge Law

BC sex workers are fighting back against a ruling that states a challenge to criminal law under the charter must be brought by individuals currently facing the criminal laws in question.

Today lawyers representing Vancouver’s Sex Workers United Against Violence (SWUAV) will appear in the BC Court of Appeal continuing efforts by sex workers to abolish Canada’s prostitution laws.

Chris Atchison gives Johns a Voice

Chris Atchison, an instructor of Sociology at Simon Fraser University, has just completed the largest study ever conducted of buyers of sex services, with nearly 1000 respondents. Atchison has been involved in research on sex buying since 1995.

Atchison’s study called John’s Voice gives an illuminating look into the behaviours, experiences, and opinions of individuals who buy commercial sex. The popular image of a typical “John” has been mainly moulded by religious, moral, political and social interest groups whose sole interest is abolition of prostitution.