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Soap Safe as Lube?

Yesterday my girlfriend and myself got all soapy in the shower, and we wound up having some great anal!!!. My Question is Would there be any problems medically with getting a bit of soap up the anus?? So far she is irritated at all.

Girl on Top

My boyfriend and I have been having sex over six months lately it has started to get really hot. We've been trying a bunch of new postions and I'm even comfortbale enough to talk dirty to him now and tell him what I like. The problem is when i'm on top. I can't seem to find a motion that feels amazing for both of us, it's so frustrating! I prefer moving back and forth so that i am rubbing my clit on him and he's deep inside me. He prefers it when i quickly bounce up and down. Neither of us want to be selfish. help?

Pegging Postion Problem

I was wondering if anyone had any practical tips on pegging. I am a girl who really enjoys fucking boys with a strap on. I know all the mechanics and I know about warm up and everything around gentle and fun anal play but I am having problems with getting the position or the thrusting right, especially if he is on his back and I am on top. What are some of the best positions to peg in? Where do my legs go where does his legs go etc... Is there a way to thrust my hips or legs or pelvis better so it doesn't feel so awkward and keep slipping out? Is the feeldoe really worth it?

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