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Bed Bugs from a One-Night Stand? Help!!


Dear Leah,
I've got an itchy problem, but I don't think it is the normal kind of itchy sex problem. I recently got picked up by a hot woman and went home with her. Everything was great, but we didn't exchange numbers. Later that day, I noticed myself scratching my legs non-stop, so I took a look. There were little marks all over my legs. I asked my roommate and his suggestion shocked me. He said they look like bedbug bites. Could this be the case? Could I have gotten bedbugs from a one-night stand? And if so, do I track her down and tell her?

Richard, Montreal

Tips'n'Tricks for Successful Public Sex!

Hi Leah,
I'm curious about how to have sex in public spaces. It always looks so easy in the movies—there's never any mess, no one gets caught and it's always spontaneous. In reality, how does it work? What are the consequences if you get caught? Where do you go, and what should you bring with you?
Lucy, Toronto

Dear Lucy,
You're right, like most things, public sex goes much more smoothly in the movies than it can sometimes in real life—and if you're caught, the consequences can be serious—from getting arrested to being publicly shamed!

Sex Toy Recycling? Why Not!

Hi Leah,
I'm wondering what to do with a vibrator I no longer use. It was my first vibrator, and when I bought it I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for. I've since discovered what kind of vibrator I like, leaving my starter one sitting unused in a drawer.
I don't want to throw it out, but I can't just donate it to Goodwill or sell it in a garage sale. Is there any way I can recycle old sex toys?
Jackie, Sudbury

Hi Jackie!

Put a Ring IN It!

Dear Leah,
How the hell do people manage to pierce their junk! I mean I know people with pierced cocks and cunts, but it just sounds like inhumane torture! What makes me curious is they all say it is amazing and makes sex even better. If so, I'm all for it, but is it possible to get spiked without it being extremely painful?
Needing An Answer,
Toronto, ON


BoyButt Cherry-Bustin' Delight

Dear Leah,
I'm almost too shy to admit this, but I am a guy who is interested in anal sex. But not the kind where my penis is inside someone else. I'd like to be penetrated. I haven't approached my girlfriend with this yet, I'm not sure if she'll be interested. What do you think is the best way to bring it up?
Edmonton, AB


Got Them Baby-Making Blues


Dear Leah,
I've got the age-old story for you. Girl and Boy fuck. Girl and Boy Fuck a lot. Girl and Boy fuck all the time until Girl has baby. Do you have any advice for Girl and Boy, both of whom are suffering a general lack of interest in the bedroom?

Regina, Saskatchewan


Can a New Year's Eve Hook-Up Last?


Dear Leah,
What is your take on the New Year's Eve hook-up? If I were to meet someone on NYE, I'd hope it can last. Is this even possible or do you think I should only be thinking fling?
Happy NY
Shawinigan, Quebec


Dear Happy,
Is it possible to meet someone on New Year's Eve and have it last? Sure.

Is it likely? Not necessarily, but like I said, it's not impossible either.

Rape fantasies

My partner and I have been experimenting with BDSM, whips, cuffs, the whole deal. It has all been
really hot so far, but she made a suggestion last night that I am unsure of. She wants me to do a rape
scene with her, me raping her. Part of me finds the idea appealing (we've done lots of role playing) but I
am still uneasy with it.
I didn't think rape would ever be a fantasy scenario.

Mr. Unpleasant, Moncton, New Brunswick

Strap-ons and UTIs

My girlfriend and I have a great sex life except for one little problem. Whenever she fucks my cunt
from behind it the strap-on I always get a bladder infection the next day. She fucks me other ways and
we're all good...just doggy is the problem. What are we doing wrong?

Wants-to-bend-over, Calgary, Alberta

A burning question

My boyfriend and I have not been using condoms lately. We use to use them all the time. But lately, they hurt me every time he uses them. My Vaginal area becomes very irritated and sore. I have no idea what is causing it. My bf suggested I might be putting the condoms on backwards. Is that possible? Also, sometimes after sex WITHOUT a condom I get this burning sensation and it hurts when I urinate because the skin is so irritated. I don't know why this happening.....does anyone have any ideas? Help or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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