Put a Ring IN It!

Dear Leah,
How the hell do people manage to pierce their junk! I mean I know people with pierced cocks and cunts, but it just sounds like inhumane torture! What makes me curious is they all say it is amazing and makes sex even better. If so, I'm all for it, but is it possible to get spiked without it being extremely painful?
Needing An Answer,
Toronto, ON


Dear Needing An Answer,
There are a lot of folks in the same boat, darlin, trust me. As more people get their nibbly bits pierced, others start wondering what they might be missing out on!
I have never regretted getting my labia and clit hood piercings. I got them after having five other piercings, so I was intimately acquainted with how my body would respond, including whether it would reject them and the amount of aftercare required. I also researched types of genital piercings (GP) so I could choose the one that best fit my goals, and had a good relationship with a reputable and experienced professional piercer, as well as a physician who was supportive around my decision should there be any complications.
An international study published this year in a medical journal conducted by folks experienced in piercing-related issues interviewed over 500 men with GP. They found most had three or more piercings, were single, straight, white, in good to excellent health, had annual physicals, some post secondary education and moderately strong religious faith. Most were employed (with an even split between white and blue collar jobs) with an average salary of $36,000 or more. Over half identified as risk-takers (in terms of seeking uniqueness and sexual activity, not in terms of health risks), most didn't smoke or use drugs routinely, and age of first sexual intercourse was a year younger than average.
Like myself, their decision to get GP was deliberate, with the majority taking five years to think it through before proceeding. Most had 1–4 piercings, with 1/3 reporting the GP was their only one. Why did they want a GP? Most wanted to try something new, increase sexual pleasure for themselves and their partners, and to be unique. All reported feeling these goals were met by their GP.
Over half got the Prince Albert and 1/3 the Frenum/Frenum Ladder. After this, in descending order (all less than 10% of the sample) were the Apadravya, Hafada, Ampallang, Guiche, Dydoe and Foreskin (cllick here for pictures, and note healing time for each is different).
With regard to your pain concerns, some reported a small amount of bleeding or pain during the procedure. Virtually none used drugs or alcohol at that time, and no reputable piercer would allow or recommend this. As this is a minor surgical procedure, it is normal to expect discomfort during healing, and aftercare routines must be followed to prevent secondary infections.
Almost half had no post-piercing complications, and only two major problems (changes in urine flow and site hypersensitivity—no suprise with Prince Alberts). Less serious problems included (but weren't limited to) skin irritation, rips/tears at site, problems using condoms, keloids at site.
Most said their GP were an important and satisfying part of their life, and that they liked them and would get them again. Most also found their GP improved their and their partners's sexual pleasure, few found partners refused to have sex due to their presence, those that exercised before the piercing remained active and those that did have complications were not troubled by them.
What it boils down to, NAA, is that if after readin' this you're still rarin' to go, click through and read the information available on the sites highlighted above. If you go ahead with your plans, have fun pickin' out your faaaabulous new jewelry and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!





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