Good or Bad Vibrations?

Dear Vera,
I worry about getting so attached to my vibrators and that intercourse will no longer 'do it' for me. Can that really happen?

Buzzed out to get off

I see a couple of different issues with the topic of vibrator burnout. I think sometimes we do get over stimulated with a vibrator, or at least get used to heavier stimulation. Some women become more attached sexually to their vibrators than they are to their partners due to not communicating well about what they want sexually or due to partners who may be insecure and take everything as personal criticism and then don't listen.

I think sometimes women go through periods of time where they can't have an orgasm except with a vibrator and if that's the what! Whichever way you can have them is good for you. Remember our sex lives are
in constant change throughout our lives and you will have different needs, wants and desires with different things turning you on at different times.

In terms of couples, the healthiest outlook is to communicate well with your partner and incorporate the vibrator into your sex life. Putting a buzz into your partnership is a whole different matter than having it be
an either/or situation.

For women who need external stimulation to achieve an orgasm, a vibrator isn't the only answer,

There's still oral and manual play. Part of the reason that's effective is that it's a change from the vibrator. Sometimes a break, or, vibrator holiday can be a good antidote to adding variety and giving your body different
types of stimulation.

And remember the clit isn't the only erogenous zone that benefits from stimulation or vibration.

If intercourse isn't doing it, you still need to have a sex life together or you don't have an intimate relationship. A sexual partnership is more than just having intercourse; in some cases, the idea of what constitutes
intercourse may need to change.

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