Chocolatey Love!

Dear Vera,
I have a friend who eats tons of chocolate. She is single at the moment and claims it’s her substitute for love and relationship until she finds a new partner. I have heard that chocolate induces a feeling similar to being in love/lust in the past as well, but is there any truth in that?
Chocolate Lovers friend

Dear CL Friend,
An abundance of PEA (phenylethylamine) is found in the bloodstream of lovers. PEA is better known as the 'molecule of love.' When you are walking on air, singing out load and euphorically in love, PEA is probably at work. It is found in chocolate and diet soft drinks.

In his 1983 book,
The Chemistry of Love, Dr Michael Liebowitz writes “there is value in the concept but there is a catch in the practice. While PEA is present in chocolate, it is metabolized so quickly that it doesn’t have time to have much effect. (So eating Lindt 90% coco bars won’t raise your PEA levels significantly.)

Another interesting fact is women tend to have abnormally high levels of PEA more frequently than men do. This typically occurs at or near ovulation. Mother nature’s input for matchmaking at the right time of the month to keep our species going!

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