With a Cherry on Top

Dear Vera,
My friend and I are having a disagreement about what the true meaning of "popped cherry” is. Can you settle this argument for us and tell us what you think it means.
Bing Cherry

Dear Bing,
Having your cherry popped is referring to having a woman’s hymen being torn which then causes bleeding. The hymen is torn with a cock during intercourse. The red juice of the cherry relates to the blood…..just in case you needed more of a visual connection.

It’s been used in a generalized way with losing your virginity. So a man can have his cherry popped as well although no hymen is there to be torn.

I also recall my old boyfriend Brian O referring to losing his brown cherry, which meant he no longer was a virgin in the context of having had a cock in his ass.

That’s it from this pickers pail!



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