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My boyfriend and I have not been using condoms lately. We use to use them all the time. But lately, they hurt me every time he uses them. My Vaginal area becomes very irritated and sore. I have no idea what is causing it. My bf suggested I might be putting the condoms on backwards. Is that possible? Also, sometimes after sex WITHOUT a condom I get this burning sensation and it hurts when I urinate because the skin is so irritated. I don't know why this happening.....does anyone have any ideas? Help or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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i almost always get very

i almost always get very irritated and it burns when i urinate after sex. it was never an issue of yeast or fungal infections or allergies to latex glycerin parabens or phtalates. i was given creams and pills. turned out i was just too dry!
yes, even if i did lubricate and g-spot orgasm even!
having sex with an anal grade water based lubricant solved the problem. i'm a lesbian and even when i use a condom on a toy i have no problems now. so try that maybe it'll help you too.


You may also have a yeast infection or other type of infection. Also, some lubricants contain parabens, so if a condom is lubricated it may have parabens in it that many women have burning reactions from.

Or, it may be from another product your are using as well, such as a new lube, or a body wash. Try to think about what has changed since it started if you have been using something new.

And, definitely see your doctor as they will be able to diagnose the problem for you.

There are a few possibilities

There are a few possibilities here.

It is possible that you are having an allergic reaction to the latex, the lubricant or the spermicidal creme used in some condoms. Did you recently change brands when using condoms? It may be from a specific label.

If it is that you switched brads, try your old brand and see if you have the same reaction. To be on the safe side though, I would book an appointment with your doctor to see if you are having some kind of reaction to any of the materials used. Better safe than sorry!

Putting on a condom backwards would take some skill indeed, it would take quite a bit of additional time to work it out since you would effectively be trying to roll it out from the inside against the skin.

Hope this helps!