Is Bigger Better?

Dear Vera,
I have a new boyfriend who was gifted with a very thick cock. At first I thought ‘wow this is awesome’ but after a few months I’m wondering if my pussy and his cock are meant for each other. His cock is about medium length but monster in the thickness department—particularly at the base. My problem is when we have intercourse I get really sore afterwards. We use condoms and it’s even challenging getting condoms to go all the way down to the base of the shaft. We have experimented with all the XXL brands so have found some that go on easier but that still does not do anything for my sore pussy. I have genital herpes which he knows about so for his safety we wanted to continue using condoms. I really like this guy and am hoping to be in a long-term relationship with him as its hard finding a partner that is ok with the herpes thing and that I have chemistry with. Any suggestions you can offer?
Non-purring pussy

Dear NP Pussy,
So you are not a size queen and you have the size king for a boyfriend.

What I would first recommend is that you make sure you are suitably turned on and lubricated and ready for him before penetration. With the extra stretching factor of his thick cock in effect, the rim of the condom at the base could be enough of a ridge to be causing you some chafing. So make sure you have lots of lube and foreplay with penetrating fingers or vibrators to start to stretch your puss out to greet him with a smile. This could mean you will be having much longer foreplay which may not be such a terrible thing. I think many couples tend to hurry into penetration before a woman has gone through all the stages of arousal and this can also contribute to irritation.
Buying different sizes of dills as well can help so you can work your way along up the scale from smaller to larger thickness during your foreplay before intercourse.

The other thing you can try is the female condom. You have to insert this condom into your vagina and they are a onetime use item. They are more costly than regular male condoms as well and made out of polyurethane instead of latex. The larger outer ring sits outside of the vagina and will add more protection for your guy from herpes and remove the possibility of chafing from the ring base of a regular male condom. This female condom may, on first appearances, not seem as sexy but the advice from research is to try something a number of times to take away the strangeness factor before you pass judgement on it, so buy a 6 pack for trial purposes. Take your time and remember to have fun!

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