Zara's Fantasy Land: A Place for Newbies to Dip Their Toes in the TGirl Pool

 Zara's Fantasy Land: A Place for Newbies to Dip Their Toes in the TGirl Pool
by Peter Berton

The growing media fascination with tgirls has led many men to fantasize about shemale sex. At the same time, North America masculinity ideal makes many men too afraid to take the plunge – “what if I find out I'm gay!?”

Zara's Fantasy Land in Toronto, Canada ( is a safe place for Toronto men to dip their toe in the tgirl pool, before they decide to dive in. It is a new tgirl 'massage experience' spa launched by tgirl Zara Aryan (

Sex Life Canada recently spoke with Zara, to find out more about her 'fantasy land':

SLC: Please tell us about yourself.

Zara: I am a 25 years-young mixed background woman (the finest Asian blend) who likes to carpe diem her way through life.

I consider myself literally a self-made woman in all aspects. I went through years of transition so that on the outside I can project the woman that I am inside. I also went through the same motions any hard working girl does in Toronto.

I worked in retail management and went to college full-time for a Business Accounting diploma. Along the way, I had my fair share of romances, great friends and good and bad co-workers.

I would have to say that my story became far more remarkable after I entered the industry. Working in the industry allowed my entire personality to become a major part of my work.

I was no longer constrained by corporate rules and regulations and its typical narrow-mindedness and failure to foster the freedoms to express yourself and to be creative. Putting aside the difficulties of working in the industry, I am quite happy.

SLC: What led you into the adult industry?

Zara: I feel like I’m supposed to begin my answer with money. Still, I never wanted money for money’s sake; the money I earned in retail management kept me happy, but not satisfied.

I don’t like squirrelling most of it away and living far below my means for the sake of some fairy tale retirement decades from now. I wanted the freedom to express myself in a line of work, the kind of money that can support a trans-girl’s transition within a realistic timeframe, and I also wanted to help my family financially in their time of need.

Finally, I knew I had excellent conversation skills and that I’ve always been very flirty by nature. I figured that if I can make it a part of what I do for a living, I can make people happy and make both my experiences and theirs mutually rewarding.

SLC: What makes Zara's Fantasy Land -- ZFL -- stand out from the competition?

Zara: We are officially the only locally-started and publicly known massage experience location in Toronto that has more than 1-2 trans models. All of our models are from Toronto and area and know the mentality, attitudes and needs of the area’s clients very well.

We offer training and stay within legal guidelines in terms of our services. We adhere to health and safety standards for both our models and clients.

We do not allow trans-girls who have substance abuse problems to work with us because we have deemed sobriety a bona fide occupational requirement.

Finally, calling the ZFL location upscale is not a marketing ploy- it is a fact. Cozy and discreet also come to mind.

SLC: When and why did you decide to open ZFL?

Zara: There was a personal and a business component in my decision-making process behind opening ZFL.

My personal reasons for doing so were that I wanted to use my management skills and my formal education in this particular industry. I have an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration and years of retail management experience that I wanted to utilize. Also, I wanted to give myself a promotion in the industry-- move from entry-level (no pun intended, ha ha) to management, just as I did before in retail.

From a business standpoint, it was a simple decision. The demand for massage experiences was far more than what I could handle by myself. As demand outstripped supply and I managed to transform my name and services into a brand, ZFL seemed like a natural move forward. My brand and approach to massage experiences would be a guarantee to existing and new clients when they try the same experiences with my new models. Meanwhile, the larger number of models would meet the demand.

SLC: You are taking a very professional attitude to ZFL, based on your marketing and branding. What are your plans for this spa; do you hope to expand it beyond one location?

Zara: Thank you for noticing. My plans for this spa are to transfer the majority of my existing client base to the new location and the new models working with me. At the same time, my increased marketing campaign is bringing in new clients. I have certain business performance and ZFL image goals I would like to achieve at my current location before going forward with any expansion efforts.

So as far as expansion beyond one location is concerned, I only have one thing to say. I firmly believe that if you can make it in a city as competitive (and sometimes capricious) as Toronto, you can make it anywhere in Ontario and perhaps even anywhere in the rest of Canada.

SLC: Who is ZFL's target audience, and what services do you provide and not provide?

Zara: ZFL’s target audience is anyone positive and non-threatening interested in what we do. Our clients, however, are by and large single or divorced gentlemen of all (legal) ages who are interested in first-time or ongoing experiences with trans-girls. It doesn’t really get more specific than that, except that we have strict call-screening policies to make sure we match the right gentlemen with our models and the services we offer.

As far as our services go, we offer only one right now -- a massage experience. It is not registered massage therapy, a body rub or a casual massage. To quote the ZFL website, “It is an experience in a category of its own, best described as intimate massage role play designed with you in mind.”

SLC: TransZen has also opened a tgirl-staffed spa in Toronto. Is this a new market niche waiting to be mined?

Zara: I wouldn’t call it new and I certainly wouldn’t call it a niche.

TransZen did announce their plans to open a Toronto location shortly after I started announcing the opening of ZFL. If I had to guess, I would say that my move made them believe that there was a new market niche in Toronto on which they could capitalize.

However, I can say from personal experience that Montreal’s culture is different from the one in Toronto. When it comes to massage experiences with trans-girls, the only ones who know Toronto’s culture well enough to properly satisfy its market would be ZFL and perhaps a few local and very professional and sweet independents my HR hasn’t interviewed yet.

SLC: Besides all of this, you also write a blog at

What topics do you cover and why?

Zara: I launched the blog because I wanted to offer something more to clients, fans and the trans-curious population free of charge.

I realized by talking with my clients over the last year that people have many naughty and nice questions about trans-girls and are very curious. On the other hand, the answers they get straight from trans-girls or various literature out there seems to be inadequate or lacking in what they really want to know.

I try to write about general trans-related and also about the interplay of the trans-girls’ community and the city of Toronto. Here and there, I also write about what I do to keep healthy and energized, about relationship and dating topics and more.

I talk to friends and clients from all walks of life to get ideas on what to write and to keep it current and fresh. Also, I try to put in references to pop culture that make it easier for readers to connect with me; the references also give my readers hints about what I like.

The most important thing to remember, though, is that I try to stay objective in my posts as much as possible, rather than outright favoring the industry that I am in. I have received words of praise for that on many occasions, and this is something I continue to do.

SLC: Some tgirls have expressed displeasure with their admirers, because their admirers are obsessed with tgirls' male genitalia rather than their feminine attributes. Where do you stand on this topic?

Zara:: When it comes to the industry, I have expressed my thoughts on the topic in a blog post, Using Nudity in Social Media and Advertising for Erotic Services- Too Much Too Soon

When it comes to my private life, I believe it’s all right for a man to come for what makes me different from a genetic girl, but stays for what makes me the same as one.

SLC, Finally, what are your future goals?

Zara: Being a girl is a work in progress for genetic and trans-girls alike. I don’t plan to stop any time soon.

Aside from that, I strive for a good work-life balance and a healthy lifestyle. I also hope that the way ZFL works will enable my models to move ahead with their transition efforts a little faster, which would make their families, friends and significant others very happy.

Finally, I would like to grow the ZFL brand and never lose touch with the changing demand and evolving desires of our clients.