Your Local Neighbourhood Upscale Lifestyle Club: The X Club

“What sets X Club apart is that the club is extremely clean, safe, mutually respectful and always welcoming,” offer Shawn and Jenn of The X Club. “It encourages open expression without judgment in a very subtle way.”

Opened 5 years ago, The X Club is the phoenix born from the ashes of a traditional “old style” swingers club. In its new incarnation as a “new age” lifestyle club, it attracts upscale couples, single women and prescreen/approved single men (25 years of age and older). “People choose the X club because it is clean, visited by people who dress well and mostly because people feel safe at our club.”

A members-only venue, The X Club offers many different theme nights and social events. There are two aspects of the club, the dance and club area and the X Lounge, a new play area. Here members can enjoy private rooms to continue encounters begun in the other part of the club.

The X Club offers frequent theme nights, including Meet & Greet events where people can ask questions about the lifestyle. Shawn and Jenn hold this type of information session to dispel some of the myths that surround the lifestyle and swing community. “The biggest myth is that everyone is fat, old and just looking to fuck, that they are going to walk in the front door and people are engaged in sexual acts right in front of them and they will feel pressure to do the same to fit in. This is not the case AT ALL! People come to our club for many reasons: to dance, socialize with likeminded people, be free to dress how they really want without worrying about what society in general will say or make them feel like. And the guests are getting younger. They may be voyeurs, they may be ready for the orgy pit…and everything in between.”

Shawn and Jenn take the comfort and safety of their patron very seriously. “What sets X apart from other clubs is that we have a ‘one strike and you are out’ policy. We do not turn our back to inappropriate behavior and people understand this policy at X Club. That being said we have only had to ban 6 people in 5 years at the club. Given that we have 15,000 members (of which approx. 400 single women and 60% are between 30 and 45 yrs) this is a pretty good track record of respect and safety.”

Continuing to fulfill the erotic and pleasure experiences of their clients, in a safe and respectful manner is what Shawn and Jenn strive for moving forward. “Anyone can say a club is clean, safe and respectful. Not many actually deliver on this promise. There is an old expression that ‘seeing is believing’ but when we have new members coming to the club every week saying that they have heard so many great things about The X Club and they just had to come and experience it for themselves then ‘believing’ has already been established with them which is the reputation we will continue to maintain.”