Your Local Neighbourhood Social Club: Club KinQc

Community is an important part of any culture and the world of sex and sensuality is no exception. When Master Severyn moved to Quebec City, he found there was no organized kink he helped start one up! Now the newest edition to Quebec's fetish scene, Club KinQc is a flourishing social club that offers many events and opportunities for the community to meet.
   Sexlife Canada chatted with Master Severyn about how Club KinQc got started and of the great activities that the community can now access.

SLC: How did Club KinQc come into being?
MS: I arrived in Quebec City the fall of 2009. Having spent many years in the Ontario fetish/bdsm scene (mainly London and Toronto area) I was disappointed to find that Quebec City did not have a similar scene. After meeting several local kinksters from, I learned that the only fetish/kink activities here were private parties held exclusively at the homes of local kinksters for themselves and their closest friends.
   In 2010, a monthly munch for kinksters and fetishists emerged. This munch, or social meet-up group, named "Cafe Jasette" ("Chat Cafe" in english) was held in a local restaurant. Though I was very pleased to find out that we finally had a monthly meet-up group I couldn't understand why no one had thought to also begin organizing play parties. After some time I learned that several people had attempted to get some kind of scene going but nothing lasted for very long. This did not discourage me, but simply fueled my desire to put together a project in hopes that people would be interested and support my ideas. I started by networking and asking people what kind of activities and events they would like to see in the community. When I was confident what was needed to build the foundation for a fetish/kink social club I presented my ideas at Cafe Jasette's 1st Year Annivesary. After discussing my ideas and vision for the new fetish club, I passsed around a blank page and asked people to write their names if they supported the idea of a new fetish club and if they would be interested in either joining as a member or attending public events. By the end of the evening 27 people had signed and it was clear people were looking forward to something new. Several weeks later I began organizing Club KinQc's first activites and events and people signed up to become full members.

SLC: What is the fetish scene like in Quebec City?
MS: As already mentioned, the fetish scene is still underground, or kept behind closed-doors. Since starting Club KinQc (pronounced: Club Kink), I've seen a slight change and the scene is slowly starting to surface. Each week I meet new people in the community who are pleased to find out that there is finally a fetish/kink community emerging. Quebec City kinksters have, to date, travelled regularly to Montreal to participate in fetish/bdsm events and buy their clothing and toys because there are as yet no fetish-dedicated stores here in Quebec. I'm confident that in the future many kinksters from Montreal and other nearby cities will be travelling to Quebec City for something different.

SLC: Is Quebec City, as a whole, generally accepting of diverse sexuality?
MS: Yes, my impression of Quebec as a province is very accepting of sexuality, in general.
   Quebec as a city is rather conservative and I find that people here either lean to one side or the other with regards to being open to alternative lifestyles.
   There are plenty of support groups for the gay, lesbian and transgendered community but I've still yet to see equal support for alternative lifetsyles such as leather, fetishists and kinksters. I believe the reason for this is because there is still a stigma attached with regards to fetishism and bdsm. Of course this stigma continues to linger due to the fact that the general public either know nothing, or very little about fetishism and kink. What they believe they know comes from a very biased media's representation that kink and bdsm are strange and abnormal sexual activites and most often related to abuse and torture. After 6 years of being active in the kink community I've yet to see this to be true. What I have seen are very friendly and open-minded people who are looking to find new ways to express themselves sensually (cause it's not always about sex), physically and at times sexually. Kinksters tend to be people that are willing to push their own limits (physically and even spiritually) to discover more about themselves and evolve in their own personal life experience. Almost all play sessions (known as 'scenes') have standard rules, or protocols for negotiating a scene, safety during the scene and how to end a scene (with a pre-established "safe word"). As for Quebec City's current understanding, I believe that through proper education people will understand that the spectrum of fetish and bdsm is vast and that not all activities include pain.

SLC: What does Club KinQc offer?
MS: I'd like to think that Club KinQc offers several different outlets to allow each individual to live-out their own private fantasies in a safe and supportive environment. We encourage this through a variety of different activities and events.
   Each month we have 3 kinds of activities which I categorize as: erotic, fetish and bdsm.
   For people who are not yet (or may never be) ready to enter the fetish or bdsm domain we offer an erotic litterature night ("Litterotique"). This evening is open to all and allows people to come together in a social and friendly environment to listen to or read works of erotic fiction, personal diary entries or share their written fantasies. Writings can be self-written or from known authors.
   As well, monthly we offer an erotic film night ("Cinerotique"), for members. The films range from international erotic dramas to fetish and bdsm-themed films and documentaries.
   For rope enthusiasts, we offer a bondage practice group the final Sunday of each month which we call "Shibar-Ami" ("Shibari': the art of tying and "ami" french for 'friend').
   Every month or so we offer either a fetish evening or private bdsm event. I'd recommend contacting us for upcoming events or socials.

   With the help of our newly acquired partnership with the ALCC-Montreal (Alternative Lifestyles Community Centre), we will soon be offering a variety of courses/workshops to the community. The courses will range from introductory to more advanced workshops.
   It is not required to be a full member to attend Club KinQc events and activities, we have many open (public) events and socials.
   Full membership is $30 for one year and allows members exlusive access to private Club KinQc events, as well as discounts for tickets to open events. Upon becoming a full member, the individual is presented with a member card which can be presented at our more than 25 national and international partnerships that range from restaurants, clothing and kinky toys stores and B & B Dungeons (Bed & Breakfast Dungeons).
   It's also important to mention that we are open to all alternative lifestyles: gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, leather, fetish, kinkster, dominant, submissive/slave, sadist, masochist, vampire...

SLC: How does Quebec City compare to other cities across Canada in terms of kink?
MS: Toronto and Montreal have, for a long time, had an active role in the Canadian fetish scene, but to date Quebec City has yet to make it's mark.
   I've not yet had the opportunity to visit many other provinces across Canada, other than Ontario and Quebec, but I often talk with different kinksters/fetishists from other provinces and it seems that each province has it's own fetish scene, either newly emerging or already established. I look forward to travelling to many cities across Canada in the near future and meeting with kinksters to compare scenes and broaden my network of friends.
   For a long time, Quebec City has been known as one of the worlds' most 'romantic' cities. In time I believe it may as well be ranked among Canada's top sexiest or kinkiest cities.

SLC: How would you describe the average kinkster's ideal night at Club KinQc?
MS: I'd like to first note that Club KinQc is not a venue or bar, but a social club. It holds it's activities, socials and events at several different locations in Quebec City. To date we've had our erotic litterature night (Litterotique) at a local bookstore (Librairie St-Jean Baptiste), Cinerotique (our erotic film night) at a members home, our BDSM BBQ at a members home/private dungeon and our most recent fetish party (Kinky Fetish Party: Edition 1) at a local hedonist club, Club Euro.
   Our public fetish parties normally begin with several demonstrations for guests and newcomers to the scene. This allows people to get an idea about several popular kink activities as well as it allows us the opportunity to discuss proper and safer ways to perform each activity for guests who wish to practice at home and who may not be interested in becoming part of the local fetish community.
   We've been very fortunate to have had some very special guests perform demonstrations at our events. Montreal bondage/shibari expert, Goddess Mai, recently performed an amazing shibari suspension at our Kinky Fetish Party: Edition 1 in August. During the evening, Lily Francfort, who was representing the ALCC Montreal, taught a group Erotic Massage workshop that was very much appreciated by all who attended. Lady Dana and Myself (Master Severyn) performed a waxplay session to demonstrate the proper safety methods for utilizing wax in sensual/kink play.
   Due to the fact that Quebec City is a tourist city, we often have people from all over the world who ask about the club and if they can attend our activities and events. We always welcome international kinksters to our public events and club socials. In fact, this summer we had a couple from California who attended one of our bondage practice groups.
   And though Quebec City is predominantly French-speaking, Club KinQC is a bilingual group. I am fluently bilingual and most club members get by very well speaking and understanding English.
   I would also recommend to anyone who is interested in the fetish/kink lifestyle to attend at least one evening at the monthly munch, Cafe Jasette, even if it's not a Club KinQc event or has no affiliation with us, I believe it's a good starting point for either newcomers to the scene or national or international kinksters interested in meeting others in the community.

SLC: Do you have hard limits in terms of what activity can and can't happen there?
MS: Yes. To ensure the safety and health of each participant we always have a list of what is permitted and not permitted at our open (public) events. Both, private and public parties have a Dungeon Monitor, who regularly walks around to ensure that everyone is playing safe. Each party is different but generally breathplay, scat (feces), bloodplay, and knifeplay are never permitted at public parties. Safewords must be used at all times, as well as respected by the Dominant of the scene. Protocol must be respected, and each event has it's separate rules of protocol.
   Generally, the number one rule at all our club events (private or public) is 'respect' of all attending and participating, followed by confidentiality (no cameras, videos).
    We've been fortunate that all our members play safe and are very respectful towards each other and towards newcomers/guests.
SLC: What equipment will you have on premises?
MS: As mentioned earlier, most of our events are at different locations therefore the equipment differs from event to event and depending on if we are using a play area that is already equipped. We encourage guests and members to bring their own "toys" as long as they respect our rules on what is permitted and not permitted. Most of the locals are bondage enthousiasts, therefore they bring their own rope, or suspension tripods. Others dress in fetishwear, leash and collar, or bring along their 'kink kit' (candles, restraints, strap-ons, riding crops, floggers and whips).

SLC: What are your future plans for Club KinQc?
MS: In the upcoming month we will be launching our official webpage ( The webpage will offer a forum to allow people to discuss their different fetish interests and alternative lifestyles, as well as the opportunity to meet others who share similar interests.
   With the help from our partner, the ALCC-Montreal, I look forward to soon offer courses and workshops to the public with hopes that one day the community will understand that the kink lifestyle can be a safe and often therapeutic way for individuals to express themselves sensually and sexually.
   Our longterm goal is that by the end of the year we'd like to find a permenant residence for Club KinQC to allow us a place to offer our courses, socials and events under one roof.
   We're very greatful that organisations like the ALCC - Montreal and zines like Sexlife Canada for taking interest in our cause and believing in our vision enough to support and encourage us. I'm sure that if Sexlife Canada were to do a follow-up interview in a year we'd have many interesting milestones to discuss.
   For now, we will continue networking and building partnerships with other kink communities and organizations locally, nationally and internationally.
   We encourage kinksters to contact us, whether they plan on visiting Quebec City in the near future or if they are just interested in networking and broadening their circle of friends.




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