Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Worker Web Designer: Hush Web Design

“I got the idea to focus on the sex work industry, because I was shocked to see how many websites were of such poor quality,” reveals Mike of Edmonton’s Hush Web Design. “I believe sex workers, or those involved in the adult entertainment industry, have a difficult time being taken seriously, battle with a negative stigma, thus have difficulties finding a reputable web designer.”

As more and more sex workers move to the web to advertise their services, the need for an attractive, effective web presence grows more important. There’s plenty of competition out there, and you’ve got to stand out.

Since 2006, Mike has been focusing his energy on sex and adult entertainment workers to help these clients create beautiful and marketable sites. “I decided to approach this industry from a completely objective and professional standpoint. It may come as a surprise to some, but I have never indulged in the services of an escort or visited a massage parlor as a client. Plus, with my extensive background in fine art, design and marketing, I knew there was not much competition when it comes to the level of design work I could deliver.”

When taking on a new client, Mike finds his stimulus in the images supplied and the character of the person. “The inspiration mainly comes from the client's photos, and in terms of independent escorts, their personality as well. I try to model the website around who they are as a person and the image they want to project; this usually starts with their photos and website bio.” Those photos, Mike asserts, are the key to any site and must be of a professional quality.

Having serviced clients across Canada, and even the United Kingdom, Mike ensures he is meticulous in not only his site design, but also in knowing the client’s home laws. “The challenge with designing for this industry is trying to make an adult establishment / escort / agency's marketing as hot and effective as possible, but still staying within municipal bylaws. There are a lot of grey areas and 'unspoken rules' when it comes to what you can and cannot put out there, but as long as you research as much as you can about the bylaws in different municipalities, you will be saving yourself a lot of headaches down the road.”

Just like any creator, picking out favourites is a challenge but Mike offers two great sites as her personal darlings. “My all time favorite site I created is still probably It was the most creatively involved website I have ever created. Another favorite would be, a simpler website, but again a great example of how the quality of the photos can really make a successful impact (photography done by me as well on this site).”

Moving forward, Mike hopes to take Hush in the direction of creating an advertising network of directories and other high traffic sites. “We will keep creating websites of course, but more of a concentration will be spent on different marketing ideas, in terms of interactive video and smart phone applications.”



Yes, I never seen of porn

Yes, I never seen of porn sites that is uniquely design and well manage with good layout and themes. Perhaps, they just look after the profit they earn and not the UI and designs value. Unlike web design for small businesses, they offer clients the best designs that focuses the needs and interest of visitors as well as the business firm criteria. Small business don't have much funds for elegant designs, however, with the use of creative technology, simple designs can be fabulous.

I also noticed that in some

I also noticed that in some sex ad porn sites, most of them don't even have quality web design that would make them unique from the rest, but when you see them they seems to be identical because of similar like templates used. I was just thinking that they the owner knew that every clients and visitors are not after the designs but the product and services that has been promoted.