Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop: The Kiss Store

“The Vancouver sex scene is very diverse, pansexual, genderblending, with crossovers from the straight world into the queer world and vice versa,” reveals Nathan Chudrick, owner of The Kiss Store. “Vancouver is Hollywood North and draws in a larger crowd of peeps. Same sex marriage in effect as well as commitment to transgender awareness. There are regular monthly fetish parties, play parties and now more sauna nights.”

If you’re looking for sexy gear for these nights or for play at home, The Kiss Store is a great place to pick up something special. Originally located at Main and Broadway, the shop was closed on Christmas Day 2009 because of a fire. But like a good erection, you can’t keep Nathan and The Kiss Store down and it reopened in it’s new Gastown location in August 2010.

Chudrick, known as Uncle Nathan to the younger folk in the LGBT community started the store when in the middle of a career change. He noticed there wasn’t a sex toy store in his neighbourhood and realized he had many contacts with distributors of sex products from his lifestyle as a queer, kinky person. The Kiss Store was born.
“The store always looks more exciting in person since it is quite eclectic,” assures Nathan. “The Kiss Store specializes in providing quality and functional transgendered products for both FTM and MTF. It is flavored with local artisans artworks and leather craft. We support local talented peeps trying to maintain as much Canadian content as possible. It is an alternative sex toy store for open-minded kinky people and trans folks who want a professional and private space to purchase their gear.”

Recently, the store has branched out into offering workshops. “The first workshop was called ‘Butt Seriously’ and was facillitated by a local workshop presenter from the kinky/queer community. Lots of Q&A and giggles. Good time by all attendees judging by the feedback. Summertime tends to be busy for most facilitators, however there is a lineup for this coming September. Vancouver has many local educators with years of experience under their belts who are in the field of sharing your knowledge to grow.”

Big sellers at The Kiss Store are Binders (compression vests), breast forms, collars, restraints, ball gags, harnesses with Vixskin dicks and Nathan’s favourites, Wartenberg wheels and blindfolds. He has a wonderful enthusiasm about his products and who he sells them to. “My favorite is when I come across an unusual and kinky object and sell it to the perfect kinky customer. Or another favorite of late is when a father of a 14 year old child understands and requests a binder to purchase for their growing teenager or a 70 year old man requires a Mr. Right and Holster for his package.”

Moving forward, Nathan wants to continue rebuilding his clientele base in the ‘funky’ new Gastown location. While he wants The Kiss Store to be a one stop shop for date night it is also a “a safe space for alternative lifestyles to purchase or ask questions or just plain ask for referrals.”