Your Local Neighbourhood Nutritionist and Chinese Medical Practitioner: Melissa Ramos of Sexy Food Therapy

Food plays an, obviously, significant part in all of our lives. We need to eat well to feel well. Athletes need plentiful and nutritious meals to perform at a high level. Students need to ensure they eat well or their marks and attention will drop off. Even regular, every-day folk will suffer from a poor diet, making work, family and social life tiring and difficult.

One other part of our lives that suffers tremendously when we don't eat right is sex. I might be putting it a little too simply, but the better you feel, the better you fuck. Melissa Ramos, nutritionist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner provides fantastic guidance, recipes and naughty fun through her great website Sexy Food Therapy on how we can improve ourselves all round by eating well.

SLC: What is emotional eating?
MR: Emotional eating has long been seen as something bad and that we all should avoid. Unfortunately by telling most people to not do something they do the complete opposite, which is where Sexy Food Therapy came in.
   By showing people how to emotionally eat the right way, I've provided ways for people to feel that they find solace and love in their food and regain control over their emotions. This doesn't mean being a complete saint, because we all love to be bad sometimes. So with Sexy Food Therapy, by allowing yourself to be good 70-80% of the times, you can be a little bad and dirty 20-30% of the times.

SLC: How did your Sexy Food Therapy blog start up?
MR: I suppose it all began when I was finishing my studies in Chinese Medicine and Nutrition that I wanted to provide a fun, attainable and sexy approach to therapeutic food. I was single for the first time, in my 30's and left my fiance and everything I owned. Being thrown back in the dating scene, I wanted to document my trials and tribulations of love, sex and food and how I emotionally ate my way through it through my East meets West approach. I lived back then in what I tagged as The Estrogen Den and before I knew it, a simple blog that I wrote for fun began to catch on like wildfire and soon enough, women wrote in, felt they could relate to it and loved the recipes I provided. And that's where Sexy Food Therapy began before I expanded it into a full-service site.

SLC: How can improper eating affect a person's sex life?
MR: I recently submitted an article as the health and food blogger for Huffington Post Canada on this very exact thing. According to Chinese Medical Theory, our sexuality is rooted within our kidneys. By eating improperly and being consumed in debauchery, we rob the nourishment that allows us to be vital, sexual, secure and a little vixen in bed. More than ever as a Nutritionist and Chinese Medical Practitioner, I see men as young as in their mid 30's struggling with some form of erectile dysfunction (not being able to sustain an erection, having difficulties "getting it up", or ejaculating). However by changing lifestyle and food habits, we nourish ourselves, our "Qi" (aka, vital energy) and these problems begin to diminish. According to a recent study found in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour men are more prone to having insecurity issues around performance where some women are consumed with body image issues. However by eating "sexy" (aka healthy, whole foods) we begin to feel sexy from the inside out. In fact, my newsletter, The Red Couch Confessions shows a clip of just one of the weekly newsletter vlogs that go out that talk all about how to feel sexy in and out of the bedroom.

SLC: What did you want to expand on that you were not finding in your research?
MR: Research is plenty, so that was never an issue. My goal through my approach was to find a non-intimidating avenue for the masses. I didn't want people to feel that they had to subscribe to a specific genre of eating, become a hippy, but rather be themselves and achieve balance. By providing a balanced approach through Chinese Medical theory on how to lose weight, overcome depression and feel sexy from the inside out, I felt that people could finally relate. There's so much research that it becomes overwhelming. So instead, I didn't want to expand, but rather consolidate that info and provide it in a way that people could manage within their busy lifestyles and finally achieve balance...without the guilt.

SLC: What are some of the things people can do immediately, and then long-term to improve their sex lives through eating?
MR: Begin by living out of the box and thinking outside the aisles. No packaged, dead foods, but rather simple key recipes. On the blog section of my site there are a variety of recipes that people can begin arming themselves with immediately...the stories are an added bonus. Not to mention, I love shakes. They're easy, simple and downright tasty even though they're green! However, I swear by E3Live as a supplement which comes in a frozen liquid and increases the kidneys' vital energy—which, as I mentioned, is where our mojo is stored. It's a blue-green algae that corrects nutritional deficiencies, is a major brain food, gives us more energy that we can use in and out of the bedroom.

SLC: Do you think there is any difference in men and women's emotional eating responses and do they require different therapies?
MR: I believe that men and women are proned to different emotional responses, but then again, it's also very individual. In practice I see everyone as unique and tailor my plans and treatments accordingly.

SLC: What are some of the sexiest meals you've come up with or come across?
MR: I think one of the biggest misconceptions about Sexy Food Therapy is that I come up with aphrodisiac foods, which isn't necessarily the case. My aim is to help people feel sexy from the inside out overcoming common health issues from depression, weight gain, chronic pain, sexual issues, etc. I see whole foods in general as sexy because of the incredible effect it has on the body. When we're in our teens and 20's we abuse our bodies with the idea that we're indestructible, however that fades in our 30's and 40's and by eating sexy, whole foods that are rich in green foods like kale, smoothies, salads, etc., we can look and feel sexy from the inside out.
   Forget all the overconsumption of breads, dairy and meats because by lightening up the diet with green foods, we nourish and clean the blood, our skin glows, we drop a couple of pounds and our energy sky rockets. Now that's sexy.