Your Local Neighbourhood Gay Bar: 302 Lounge

“With our anniversary this month we have had a wonderful first year,” affirms Skipp Anderson of 302 Lounge & Discoteque. “I am truly amazed with how well 302 has been received in Saskatoon. We have had a lot of fun getting to know our community and working towards offering a high-end place for their entertainment needs.”

Dubbed Saskatoon’s straight-friendly gay bar, Skipp established 302 as an inclusive space from his own experience with coming out in a diverse city. “Saskatchewan has always had private members clubs and there has always been a lot of misconceptions about them as to if you could get in, can I bring guests, what if I am straight? I personally found this difficult when I came out because I needed to be sponsored by someone to get in but I just came out so I didn't know anyone else who was gay, and, along with the straight community, I was not sure if I was welcome. I felt that this tag line expresses what we are all about, a gay bar that is all inclusive. So you can bring any of your friends or if you want a different bar experience you're welcome to come here. I just expect everyone to be treated with respect.”

Featuring a striking and original design by up-and-coming designer Kelly Caplette, 302 incorporates historic queer themes with a sophisticated look. “It's a modern bar, clean, I didn't want the cliche rainbows so we used lighting to create the rainbow symbols with color-changing tables and bar to keep the spirt of a gay bar.”

Featuring the longest bar in Saskatchewan (50 feet!) and a tremendous menu, the 302 experience could be something as simple as dinner and dancing, karaoke or a big event. “Our other, now famous, party we throw twice a year is our 'check your pants at the door party' where we have six underwear models to assist you with pant removal. The theme of this party is be who you are. If you check your pants you get in free and almost everyone participates. We also celebrate our 'Shred your Ex' Anti-Valentines Day party. This is for all the single people and people who just like a good time. if you bring in a picture of your ex and run it through our paper shredder you get in for free. We also mark everyone if they are 'single' or 'taken' and offer kissing booths and sexy rose boys selling roses with the proceeds going to charity.”

Heading into the future, Skipp says 302 will continue to offer specialty DJs, new menu items and fun theme parties. At the same time, they’d like to continue working with the community to offer what the community wants and needs. “I have had a wonderful time finding out what they like and creating a variety of different nights, drinks, food and entertainment—so there is something for everyone.”