Words to Consider: Lady Joan

“I have a high sex drive, but I am in control and even when I get aroused I know there is a time and place,” reveals the fabulous host of Ask Lady Joan. “I am good at multi tasking, so even if I may be thinking about my next orgasm, I anticipate it and carry on with the task at hand.”

It actually comes as a bit of a surprise that Lady Joan can wait until she gets done her tasks because she certainly is busy. Beside hosting her radio advice show every Wednesday evening, she is also a much-sought after Domina and recently opened LJ’s Laser Hair Removal Clinic (operating in both Toronto and Hamilton).

Not only does she have a diverse present, but Lady Joan’s past can best be characterized as colourful. She was adopted and molested. She’s been married and divorced and is raising a son with severe ADHD. Through all of this, she has a strong value of family (with both her birth and adoptive parents) and a forthright manner with a wicked sense of humour. It is through all of these characteristics and experiences that Lady Joan can related and provide meaningful help to her listeners.

“I see us as all sexual beings, the good, the bad and the ugly as well as the diversities. It has taught me that we all are capable of love and being loved, even if not with each other. It has allowed me to not fear the new or unknown and bring all humans to the same level. I guess you could say sex inspires me to be a more open to the differences we as human are.”

Inspired by all the people who do not take the easy path and “march to the beat of their own drummers,” Lady Joan reserves a special place of awe in her heart for her parents. Her mother was a strong independent person “who should have been a Suffragette, but always made sure dinner was on the table for my dad.” On the other hand she also looks up to “people with high intelligence and an imagination to match it, like my dad, who could make you believe in magic with his scientific knowledge.”

On her bio for the Ask Lady Joan show, she says she’s “a loving, sensitive… sadistic bitch, ” but there might be more emphasis on the loving and sensitive than she might want to betray. “My sexual persona lives in my brain and heart. I am a passionate person, with a great imagination. With my thought and love of sex what’s in my pants gets to enjoy and give back to my heart and brain.”

Listen to Ask Lady Joan every Wednesday night at 7pm on TrainRek Radio.