Why Christmas-ers kiss under the mistletoe

We might not be as big on the “kissing under the mistletoe” tradition in Canada than as in Europe, where it originated, but it does serve as good fodder for Winter rom-coms and a great excuse to lay one on a hot stranger at your next ugly sweater party. “But... why mistletoe?” you ask.

Well, thanks for the segue, reader! The tradition of kissing under a poisonous plant actually comes from a Scandinavian myth about Baldur the Beautiful and his mom (uh, not in an incestuous way):

Baldur, god of light and spring, was having dreams that he would be killed. As a result, his mother Frigga, goddess of love, traveled around asking everything from the elements not to hurt him. Can you guess what she forgot to ask?

So Tom Hiddlest—I mean, Loki, jealous of Baldur, killed him with a dart poisoned with mistletoe.

Frigga’s tears became the plant’s white berries and she decreed that mistletoe would never again be used for harm and that she would kiss anyone who passed under it.

Makes as much sense as cutting down a tree and bring it inside. I can dig it.