Wet with Desire: Pee Play

Golden showers, water sports, and piss games are all common ways of referring to what I lovingly term Pee Play. I use this term because it’s more encompassing and more accurate than the others listed, as GS is about being showered in pee but doesn’t really include the rest of the fun times that can happen; water sports can include pee and enema play, and piss games, while closest, doesn’t really give it the fun that can be found in lovers of Pee Play.

Urine comes out of the body a sterile liquid, though it does transport anything that is water soluable out of the body—vitamins, medications, etc. The urethral opening, however, is not sterile and that’s where the risk factor in this type of play begins (once diet and medicine/vitamin regimes are a known entity or ruled out). So long as there are no open cuts, abrasions, or wounds on the receivers skin surface, pee on skin is a no-risk activity. Once it starts leaking into places like eyes, nose, ears, mouth, others’ pee holes or assholes, then the level of risk definitely increases.

Personally, I favour playing in pee with goggles for the willing (or even reluctant) and receptive goblet (pun intended). He can see what’s coming and his eyes don’t have to deal with the sting. Like swimming in a chlorinated pool, pee games can be a tad hard on the tear ducts and part of the love of this is watching the golden liquid emerge.

In that regard, the trembling anticipation in a man’s body as he holds my lips open and waits for my pee to emerge out of its tiny opening and flow out over my vulva minora is beautiful to behold. Sometimes, depending on the positioning, the pee may spill out the top and the bottom of the lips of the pussy, especially if they are already swollen and cummy (and therefore a bit sticky). One of the secrets on the giver’s end is the feeling of pleasure that builds as the bladder fills. Pushing down on the bladder with fingers or a fisted hand, squeezing with internal muscles, or pressing against parts of your partner’s body brings exceptional pleasure into the cunt, particularly around the clit. It feels like it pushes the clit out—makes it stand up and say ‘well hello and welcome to my pleasure dome’ even more than just normal attention will make it do.

It is exceptionally fun to exploit a man’s need for pee by holding out on him. Making him think he’s getting what he craves and then holding out longer builds the need. Watching the yearning mount is fantastically arousing, particularly because both of us know I’m going to deliver but the surprise will be when. Telling him to get on his hands and knees in the kitchen while we take a break and are getting some nourishment or more liquid and then unleashing on him can be a stunning experience. Finishing, then standing and telling him to lift his head and then using his hair to wipe myself with—then pushing him down to the floor and smearing his face into the puddle, especially with my foot (see previous articles can be life altering—yes, life altering.

Pee players who receive pee call it any number of things—champagne, golden elixir, honey from the Goddess, etc. This adds to the allure for them. Some who like it nasty call it piss and the sound of the word adds to the humiliation they feel in speaking about their longing for it, as a great many receivers love the association of their sexuality with humiliation. In fact, the feeling of humiliation is tied directly to their level of arousal. I think that’s a great topic for another article. Do spend some time thinking about all the euphemisms for peeing: tinkling, piddling, squirting, etc. It clearly has some fun associated with it!

Waiting for a bottom/submissive/slave to pee his pants because he can’t hold out any longer is highly amusing, especially if its against a favoured fabric—worn, soft jeans (why are button flys so fucking hot???), wool slacks when out on a nature walk which he then has to wear for the rest of the journey, inside of latex, etc. The act of denying him the ability to pee for as long a stretch as possible, knowing full well how it’s first pleasurable, then how his bladder gets hard, then knowing how much it hurts and then allowing release is intoxicating.

The psychology of pee play is also interesting. Think about how an animal will pee when in extreme fear. I can tell you that humans do as well and this can be a potent psychological ‘hit’ for someone trying to produce that level of a fear response in someone with whom they are playing. You can Google all sorts of information on this topic and I very much hope you do—there’s pleasure aplenty waiting for you inside of the wet, fragrant world of Pee Play.