Vote for More Burlesque!: Capital Tease

 “One routine might be all about sexual innuendos, maybe the performer is portraying a person who is being excited by something that is making them want to undress, and the audience could be hooting and hollering,” explains Koston Kreme of Ottawa’s Capital Tease. “Another performance might have nothing to do with 'sex' as far as the story goes, but could show a strong woman or man who is confident in their sexuality and comfortable in their body. One way or the other, burlesque is a sexy art.”

All great collaborations are born of a shared idea. Capital Tease represents the coming together of ambitious burlesque performers with a common goal: to put on a great show. Koston Kreme and Vixen Vega were considering ideas for a Rock’n’Roll Burlesque show featuring performers from their former troupe and the horrorbilly band The Matadors. As things came together they realized they were on to something and Capital Tease has been going full-tilt since then.

The troupe features a delight array of stars:

  • Vixen Vega: Just enough sweet and sour to get ya where it feels good and oh so much better than a five dollar shake!
  • Jezabelle Jaymes: A temptress of biblical proportions
  • Bambi Van Boom: with the bump that'll keep you on your toes!
  • Audrey Hipturn: A bartendin', Burlesque'n, Biologist!
  • Koston Kreme: She'll make your head spin!
  • Allura Hindsight: Tiny & energetic with an eclectic style!

Ottawa is a hotbed of burlesque these days, but Koston doesn’t see this competition as an issue. “Luckily burlesque covers such a wide variety of entertainment styles that it would be difficult to oversaturate the market. That said, I think that Ottawa's burlesque scene has most of it's bases covered with some troupes aiming to be edgy, others aiming for comedy. There seems to be a burlesque troupe for every type of burlesque fan! Capital Tease tries to cater to everybody with a wide variety of styles!”

Those styles mean you might see all kinds of performances when Capital Tease hits the stage, everything from slow and jazzy to comedy to vaudeville, ballet, bellydance, tap, hula, hoop dance and much more. “Each of our girls bring a different element to the group and are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to entertain a crowd as well as recreating the classic style of generations past.”

Koston and crew are looking forward to a busy schedule ahead, with plans to travel their show around, particularly to burlesque festivals. Connecting with fans through these performances gives Koston Kreme a great feeling. “I do love hearing positive feedback from other women who have just seen a show and tell me that they feel like they could do that too! The fact that we inspire a little bit of confidence in other women is extremely flattering and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!”

Capital Tease presents SOME LIKE IT HOT: A Burlesque Spring Fling with GREAT CANADIAN BURLESQUE on Saturday April 16 at Mavericks (221 Rideau St.), Ottawa.