View From The Top: The Things You Do For Sex

I was scanning through the news recently, preparing for my radio show, when a headline caught my eye. It read, “On the Beltway, a claim of drunken sex at 85 mph.” I was shocked that anyone could slap bodies together in passion that least without worrying about trauma. Of course, I was intrigued so I clicked the link and was instantly dismayed to learn that the title referred to sex occurring in a car, not how fast the sex actually was (mostly because I had been picturing someone trying to clock it with a radar gun). Here's what I learned about the case:

  1. When the collision occurred, the car was moving at 85 mph.
  2. When the collision occurred, the male driver was having sex with a female passenger.
  3. When the collision occurred, the male driver was under the influence of alcohol.
  4. When the collision occurred, the male driver and female passenger may have been in the back seat.
  5. When the collision occurred, neither the male driver, the female passenger, or a third and final passenger admitted to being the one driving the vehicle.

Wait...WHAT?! This couple appear to have been hell bent on making the news at any cost. Why else would you do something like this? Sure, I've heard of people trying new things to spice up the love life (and done quite a bit of it myself)...but isn't it obvious that this is going a bit too far? Well, this multitasking attempt was definitely a 'fail' as the incident ended with horrible collision involving another vehicle.

In another instance of fantastic multi-tasking, I told my listeners about a woman from Cincinatti about a year ago. Colondra Hamilton was arrested for proving that women are able to accomplish many things at one time. She was arrested for masturbating (with a sex toy) and watching porn (on a laptop held by her passenger) while driving. Furthermore, there was a crack pipe and ashes found in the vehicle, so she may have very well been high at the time. Here's the rub though; she wasn't pulled over for driving erratically. She was pulled over because her windows were tinted too dark!

Though both these news stories are from the United States, 'high risk' sex in public has made the headlines here in Canada as well! Perhaps you remember hearing the story of the couple that engaged in sex in their hotel room overlooking the field at the SkyDome (now Rogers Centre). Sex acts at the former SkyDome happened at least five times during the 90's, and the most (in)famous instance even garnered a substantial mention on The Arsenio Hall Show as well as a variety of news media. There's nothing quite like having sex in front of 30,000+ fans who enjoy watching hard wood shafts and balls.

Almost everyone has a story about having sex in public, in a risky place, or at least under different than normal circumstances. Whether it be in a park, a confessional booth, on the roof of a fast food establishment known for it's chihuahua while looking down at cars driving by on a busy street (okay, that's one of my personal experiences), or in your own home without closing the blinds...people are kinky and get off on perceived risk.

So, I ask you my loyal readers: What risky things has sex driven you to do? Have you ever broken the law for sex? Is 'road head' really all it's cracked up to be? Please leave your own stories in the comment section below!

DISCLAIMER: Neither Sexlife Canada nor Matt Scott condone drunk driving. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

Matt Scott is one of the hosts of sex-themed radio show, as well as the producer of, a relationship/sex advice show. Matt Scott is going to up the 'sex feats' ante by engaging in anal sex while operating a motorcycle across the lunar surface, henceforth known as The Really Full Moon.