Vancouver Coastal Health Launches HIV Testing Project

Thanks to a new project from Vancouver Coastal Health, the next time adults in Vancouver or Prince George, B.C. visit a hospital or medical clinic, they will be offered an HIV detection test. The four-year, $48-million “seek and treat” program funded by the provincial government seeks to identify up to 3,500 estimated cases of HIV, the number of adults public health authorities estimate to be unknowingly infected in B.C.

Many patients admitted to St. Paul's, Mount St. Joseph and Vancouver General Hospital have already been offered the tests, family doctors are encouraged to add HIV testing for their adult patients being sent for other kinds of bloodwork, and a marketing campaign is being launched online and around the city encouraging adults who haven’t gone for testing in the last year to do so.

“Many people think that HIV testing is not for them. We hope that the ads will lead people to the website,, to learn why an HIV test today is part of good preventive care for all adults,” Says Dr. Patricia Daly, Chief Medical Health Officer and the Vice President, Public Health for Vancouver Coastal Health.

Sources: VCH, Vancouver Sun