Understanding the Dynamics of TGirl Attraction: Part One

 Understanding the Dynamics of TGirl Attraction: Part One
by Peter Berton.

When it comes to understanding human sexuality, one of the great puzzlers are men who are attracted to male-to-female transsexuals; ‘tgirls’, for short. It is common for ‘tgirl admirers’ to seek the most feminine tgirls they can find – and yet to lust after that girl’s male equipment.

Yet tgirl admirers don’t see themselves as gay, but straight with a taste for something extra. So where do they fit into the sexual universe? And how do tgirl escorts – who after all see themselves as women, not ‘chicks with dicks’– reconcile the fact that their clients generally want to be penetrated, rather than to penetrate?

To find out, I thought I’d contact some of the most beautiful tgirl escorts I know. They include:
- the sultry TS Kylie Storm: www.sexlifecanada.ca/canada/national-sexlife-journal/ts-kylie-storm-plea...
- the elegant TS Sunshine Paris: www.sexlifecanada.ca/canada/national-sexlife-journal/look-inside-tgirls-...
- the dynamic Lexi Wade: www.ynot.com/content/117590-energetic-lexi-wade.html
- and the lovely Tia Phoenixx: www.sexlifecanada.ca/canada/national-sexlife-journal/tia-phoenixx-exotic...

Peter Berton: When we talk about men who are 'tgirl admirers', what are we talking about? Is it a particular demographic/age?

TS Sunshine Paris: Tgirl admirers are not a single group. Rather, tgirls appeal to a wide cross section of the population.

Most admirers are men. Some are "straight" but are curious about tgirls. They like the thrill of a beautiful woman pulling down her panties to reveal something a little different.

Other men like the thrill of submitting to someone who is not quite a woman. Some BDSM fans may like tgirls because it fits with their interests. Others are attracted to "forced bi" scenarios and tgirls may be appealing for that reason.

Some men have been pegged by a woman and want to experience the real thing. Men who are bi may be attracted to tgirls because of her combination of male and female characteristics.

Some men don't easily fit into a category. They've seen shemale porn and want to try it out in real life.

I have spent time with men over ninety years of age. I regularly get calls from underage boys as well; I tell them to wait until they turn twenty-one. There really is no age group that is more apt to be admirers.

In other words, tgirls appeal to many subgroups for different reasons.

TS Kylie Storm: I think that men that are attracted to tgirls come from all ways of life, religion, ethnicity, age; from the construction worker all the way to the Supreme Court judge.

I think tgirl admirers – as much as they do love us and even worship us – view us as a fetish; a taboo that they can explore. It’s almost an addiction sometimes.

Lexi Wade: When we talk about men who are 'tgirl admirers', we are generally referring to someone who simply enjoys the companionship of a transsexual; whether it be for sex or love. An admirer can be someone who may be younger or someone who may be older. There isn't a particular demographic or age when it comes to 'tgirl admirers.'

TS Sunshine: I have noticed a change in the outlook of clients. Some years ago, it used to be the case that men wanted a beautiful woman who still had functional male equipment. More and more, men are focusing on the equipment and are less concerned with her overall appearance.

What does this mean? Have tgirls become a bridge to pansexuality? Having experienced what a functional tgirl can do for them, do men seek out the instrument of pleasure and care less about the way she looks?

I think that someone's sexuality is more fluid than people might believe. If a man tries something new, and it feels good, he is likely to want to experience it again, even if it doesn't fit with his idea of what normally attracts him.

Peter Berton: What attracts men to tgirls? Or are there different groups who are attracted for different reasons; i.e. tops and bottoms?

Lexi Wade: Men are often attracted to tgirls for the simple reason that we are beautiful women day and night, and then we have that something extra to offer.

There are ALL types of men attracted for different reasons. Based on personal experience, I have encountered the company of MANY varieties of men. From different races and ages; to strictly tops and of course those who are completely submissive; to those looking for sex, and those looking for love – there are countless reasons as to why men are attracted to tgirls.

There is not one reason in particular to explain chemistry between two individuals based on sexual orientation or roles.

Tia Phoenixx: Well, sexuality is a very complex thing, with a range from 100% straight to 100% gay. Most of us fall in between those 100% straight or gay markers.

Men are into tgirls because we are literally the best of both worlds; with femininity and features that resemble a woman, but with obviously masculine qualities (physically and mentally) combined together.

Those who like us are not gay, because we don't resemble an ideal figure of a man. But they are definitely not 100% either. I would call them "bi-curious" and in a few cases, they are truly bisexual/metrosexual; a person who can relate sexually to all gender variants.

As an example, let's look at myself: I'm all-natural and flat-chested.

If men are 100% straight, they might not like me sexually as their first choice. They will prefer those big boobed girls with curvy figures.

However, since most men are actually not 100% straight -- without them realizing it -- they are intrigued and finding me attractive and unique.

Some women like me too, though; proving that sexual variants exists in both sexes

TS Sunshine Paris: The answer to this depends on where you are. In some countries, Thailand for example, tgirls are nearly always bottoms. Most of these girls want an expedient route to sex-reassignment surgery. They take heavy doses of hormones and cannot achieve an erection or ejaculate. There are exceptions but this is the norm.

In North America, and where escorts are concerned, there are both tops and bottoms available. If a man is attracted to tgirls because of shemale porn, he may be looking for a top. There are fewer tops than bottoms but tops are out there.

My personal opinion is that most men want to be topped. If you want a bottom, you can be with a woman. Why bother with a tgirl?

TS Kylie Storm: I feel that most men who are attracted to tgirls are attracted to the women aspect of us, but mostly want us for what we have between our legs. Trust me ,in that world – especially for tgirl admirers – bigger is better.

They want the ultimate fantasy; big dick nice body, pretty face and a girl that knows how to enjoy herself sexually.

I think the appeal comes from the fact that we have what we have, plus a certain sexual energy. And there is a "je ne sais quoi" when you see a girl on the street and you know if she pulls up that skirt, there is a big ole cock under there.

But yes; just like men like different things with women, you have men that like to do certain things like topping only or bottoming only. But men mostly want to be fucked and – in a perfect situation - fuck and get fucked. And, of course, sucking cock is always in demand!

Note: In Part Two, the girls will discuss whether tgirl admirers are gay or not; and whether the question even matters. Stay tuned!