To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Monica Hamburg

It used to be that when the ink hit the paper, a thought was forever marked in history. Now, any little scribbling can be posted online in less time that it would take ink to dry. So if you are planning to possibly spill some virtual ink on the Internet you’re going to come headlong against a necessary question: Should I publish this? And if your thoughts are of a sexual nature, you really should think long and hard about this dilemma.

“I work as a marketer and I'm sure some people find what I blog (or Twitter) about off-putting,” reveals Monica Hamburg, author of the hilarious blog Your Dose of Lunacy. “And I imagine some would choose not to work with me because talking about sex online for some equals unprofessionalism. I obviously don't agree. My main concern tends to be: ‘should I post this now?!’ For example: I'll often start my day really early and then by 4pm I could be in the mood for some relaxation and porn. One day, I saw something really funny on a site and wanted to tweet about it but then I thought, ‘It's 4:30pm. Who watches porn at 4:30pm?! I can't post that yet—that's an 11pm thing.’”

These are the kinds of observations that make reading Your Dose of Lunacy a raunchy and raucous good time. Based in Vancouver, Monica considers herself “a magnet for oddities” who casts her eye across the internet and finds the most ridiculous events and stories to write about.

When the topics are sexually-related Monica turns it up a notch, something that shouldn’t be too hard, given her interest. “I have a feeling I'm a little obsessed with it (and can't remember a time I wasn't.) Sex always factors into the fictional things I write and often just as much in the non-fiction/personal experiences. I enjoy watching porn and I am fascinated by many aspects of sexuality including the control issues. I'm especially intrigued by all the quirky stuff such as fetishes or preferences. For instance, I found that on one mainstream porn site you can narrow down the search of scenes to the most granular details—like where you want the man to ejaculate. Forget body parts: you can choose computer screen or eyeglasses. Because you were so close to getting off, but then the dude came on the chick instead.”

Also an actor, Monica looks to the women of porn as inspiration. Not because of their prowess, but because of their strength and confidence in what they are doing. “As an actor, it's been a challenge for me to be fully authentic in roles I do—and I'm impressed that they can be so real and so present. I am generally inspired by people who let allow themselves to be totally themselves and take huge risks, even if it means that they appear ridiculous. I work on being that person.”

As with many fun and creative types, Monica has a lot of irons in the fire. She is a “social media evangelist,” and recently started The S&M Rants, a weekly podcast with her friend Shane Birley. She has also co-written a thriller that she hopes to film this year. But even with all of this on the go, Monica leaves plenty of room in her brain for her sexual persona. She knows it lives there, and not in her heart or pants. “I've gotten turned on while on public transit and the thought that anything lives in my pants in that locale is too worrisome.”