Turned on by The Sex Appeals

“We've definitely had people challenge us about some of our lyrics,” relates Sarah Creagen of Toronto’s The Sex Appeal. “But, we view that as a good thing! It's always better to have an open dialogue. And, it's good for us, I think, to be forced to take our music seriously enough to self criticize and to accept all forms of feedback! Because, well, at least the feedback means someone came to our shows and listened to our lyrics! And that can never be a bad thing.”

The Sex Appeals are the new crush of the Toronto queer music scene. With a combination of raunchy and political lyrics, the band is garnering well-deserved attention. And all of this despite having played just a handful of shows. One of those shows was on the Fruit Loopz stage at last year’s Toronto Pride. This year they have moved up to playing the Alterna-Queer event on Sunday July 3. “Last year we had to cross our fingers for Fruit Loopz, this year it feels a little more like a red carpet.”

So, who are these smutty songsmiths? While they don’t have a back story of ejaculatory proportions (some friends said ‘Let’s start a band!’), they make up for that with epic stage names to accompany their brand of “crotch pop” (coined by Nadine):

  • Nadine "Phantom Dick" Forde on drums!
  • Elisha "Lim Dick" on guitar!
  • Ali "The Dictator" Naqvi on synth!
  • Sarah "Half a Dick" Creagen on violin!
  • Patrick "The Vag" Salvani on bass!

On the surface, one might look at their song titles, including "Cracker Ass," "Wingman." "I Wanna Suck Your Cock," and "On the Fence,” and think The Sex Appeals are just crass. Not so.

“We've all come to this band with our own experiences and stories. Elisha is an amazing and experienced song writer, but we’ve all had a chance to contribute lyrics and subject matter for the band's songs. So, for example, Ali's story of teenage racism during his short-lived career as an American Apparel model is sung about in 'Cracker Ass', and 'On the Fence' are my lyrics, describing this one customer who came into a coffee shop I worked at in Kensington Market a few years ago and yelled at me "YOU'RE HALF A BOY, AND HALF A GIRL!" I think for the most part, we try to talk about a lot of important issues from a vantage point of self-awareness and humour.”

Through relating these experiences and stories, the band hopes to affect many people. They particularly have a soft spot for the ‘baby gays.’ “I know we'd all be completely stoked if some young queer/questioning youth came across us and decided to start their own band. Or, you know, admit that they actually just wanna make out with their 'best friend'!”

Catch The Sex Appeals along with many other acts including Light Fires, Jenna Syde, Roney and Nani and many more at Alterna-Queer (Sunday July 3, 12pm-11pm, Alexander Parkette, Toronto).