TS Kylie Storm: A Pleasure to Obey

 TS Kylie Storm: A Pleasure to Obey
by Peter Berton

Toronto’s Kylie Storm may be a beautiful tgirl escort, but make no mistake: No matter how elegantly she is attired, this shemale likes to be in charge!

“I enjoy playing a dominant role, and I prefer being in the top position,” Kylie writes on her web site, www.kyliestorm. “Always playful, I have a sweet, seductive side.” (This saide has also led Kylie into acting and music videos; as well as escort work.)

Sex Life Canada decided to check this for ourselves, by spending a little time with the alluring Ms. Storm:

SLC: Please tell us a bit about yourself:

Kylie: Well, I was born in Montreal and was there until my teenage years when I decided to move to New York City, which was an amazing experience. I actually worked as a hostess, party promoter and then was part owner of a club for a while -- but New York also introduced me to the sex industry in a very interesting way.

SLC: How so?

Kylie: I was introduced to a dominatrix named Bianca (a genetic female) that offered me a position with her. As I have somewhat of a dominant nature and did not want to do full-on sex work, I thought it would be perfect!

And this was how I started in the sex industry.

Thru the years I eventually gravitated towards more of the regular sex work, since as a dominatrix when you are not a female you still have to show your cock. This is because the clients are there for that prize; that they might get to worship if they are good boys.

So then I moved to London in the UK, and then Toronto.

SLC: Did being a dominatrix convince you to be a top?

Kylie: As far as me being a top, I would not say that it was influenced by me first working as a dominatrix but more because of my nature: I just like fucking guys.

But not all clients get to have my prize. I think it has to happen naturally. There has to be a certain for of attraction towards the person I am with

Certain clients sometime are disapointed that it did not work out exactly the way they have hoped. Well, maybe sometimes certain people should look at themselves and say, "would I want to fuck me?” But usually my clientele always leaves very pleased.

SLC: What are your professional pet peeves?

Kylie: When it comes down to meeting someone, if they are cocky on the phone or in person or have an attitude – I simply cannot deal with that and in return choose just not to deal with that person, or act very cold and uninterested

So on that note if a clients want to impress me, just show up with a nice attitude and be yourself. Don’t pretend to play games because you’re gonna be sucking and possibly getting fucked by a pretty girl with a big fat cock.

SLC: What do you think of the work?

Kylie: As far as being in this industry, I definitely view my work as a job because you have to. It’s what pays the bills, and you have to be self-disciplined and be serious about your work.

I have seen way too many girls in this industry that are a mess, and view this as a game.

This being said, I also enjoy it very much – as I do not think that somebody that does not could last very long in this field.

I enjoy meeting new men and actually seeing their bodies and asses and penises, and just having a good time with them. I also love to have interesting conversations with them. It’s always fun to hear just a little what they are all about .

SLC: What about your future? What are your plans?

Kylie: Do I see myself being in this business for very much longer? Well, I am actually almost finished with my studies towards a new career, but I do not know if I ever will be able to completely leave it behind. I think I would be bored and that excitement that makes up this part of my life would be missed.