Toronto District School Board pulls links to "offensive" teen sexuality website

Links to a sexuality website directed at teens and run by The Coalition for Positive Sexuality, a not-for-profit activist organization, have been removed from the Toronto District School Board’s website after sparking controversy. The link was added three years ago, according to TDSB spokesman Ryan Bird, in which time he claimed the content of the page had changed.

The CPS website provides information on sexuality and sex practices, STIs/STDs, respect and consent, safer sex, pregnancy, and abortion that is not covered in the regular sex ed curriculum. Much ado was made about one page explaining how to avoid contracting HIV for people using needles.

According to Tory MPP Lisa MacLeod, "when you look at a website like this, you really have to question the integrity of their website and the values that they're trying to push on today's children in Ontario."