Tia Phoenixx: Exotic, Enticing, and ‘Au Naturel’ Tgirl Escort

 Tia Phoenixx: Exotic, Enticing, and ‘Au Naturel’ Tgirl Escort
by Peter Berton

It is fair to say that Tia Phoenixx is one of the world’s more successful t-girl escorts. Her website at www.tia-phoenixx.com lists her regular global travels, in service of her many clients. Given how many glowing reviews are posted on Tia’s website, these clients are satisfied; to say the least.

Yet, as tgirls go, Tia is probably as close to her original self as one can imagine: “At this time I am 100% completely ‘Au Naturel!” she wites on her website. “No hormones taken during my period of working or on tour (low dose of hormones is taken during holiday only in order to enhance my feminine attributes). No surgeries. No implants. Never the less I am wildly feminine, artfully convincing, and 100% passable.” And yes, she is ‘fully functional’, as the saying goes.

Fascinated, Sex Life Canada decided to get to know Tia a bit better:

SLC: Please tell us about yourself.

Tia: My escort name is Tia Phoenixx. The name was born on December 23, 2005; the day I started the business of escorting after breaking up with my long time boyfriend of Germany. I moved to Canada, from Switzerland, with him.

I was born and raised in Java, Jakarta, to be more precise. I got kicked out by my parents when I was 16 years old, met this German guy at 17 when I was vacationing in Geneva, moved with him and studied in Lausanne, Switzerland for five years; then moved to Montreal in 2005.

We broke up 6 months after we moved to the city. I was sad and heartbroken.

Although I love Montreal, I could not live there any longer. So I moved to Toronto and started escorting; literally a few days afterwards.

I bought my house in East York, east end of Toronto in March 2006, and I still have the house. I might move to a better location soon.

SLC: Is it accurate to say that you view being an escort as a profession; just as being a doctor or a lawyer is a profession?

Tia: That's very true, though most people underestimate this profession. As a matter of fact, if we conduct this career appropriately, we can live comfortably like other professionals do.

I love sex and men. I love meeting people and going to different cities and countries. Escorting enables me to do that, and make money on top of it.

It is not an easy profession, so I personally do not recommend this career for every girl. However, for those few of us who are successful, this career can be an excellent "bridge" to build up a better future. Opening up a new business venture, for instance. I plan to do that when I'm retired.

SLC: As a professional, what standards and goals do you set for yourself?

Tia: I'm a perfectionist, so my goals and standards in life is high. I want to achieve a certain level of income that will ensure me having a comfortable life style, once I decide to retire from the business. Competition is fierce and guys tend to see new girls, so it's definitely not easy to meet up with my standard.

I have to broaden my market by doing tours all over the world, knowing which countries and cities I may do well; making sure that people come to see me while I'm in the city. It's not easy; trust me.

I might be the only few who are able to do grand tours all over the world and still making substantial money. Just the expenses alone is already high, so if the tour is not successful, I will be doomed! So far, so good, though.

Now, let's talk into details:

The career requires excellent physical attributes: beautiful face, body and style. Therefore, first and foremost, I set my daily routine in order to meet that requirements: exercising my body, either by going to the gym, jogging or walking everyday. Sleeping and eating healthy and correctly are essential too.

My current diet is low carbohydrate with lots of water, veggies and fruits. One big meal per day, otherwise I will gain few pounds within days.

Hair and beauty products come next This includes vitamins, supplements and low dose estrogen derivative hormones in order to ensure my feminine look – without losing my functionality.

Now, I'm beautiful. But is it enough to become a popular escort? The answer is no. Mental capability, versatility, personality and sex appeal are the ones that make a particular escort popular and in demand. Beautiful face and body help at the beginning, but the rest of it is determined by those other factors

SLC: Your website is very clear that you are 'au naturel' as a tgirl; with no regular hormones or implants? Why have you decided to go this route, and why is it important to you?

Tia: If people think I'm a genetic girl, it's wrong. If they think I'm a GG (genetic girl), it means I have given them a wrong impression about myself. I'm not a genetic girl, I am a t-girl, a transgendered woman with femininity and boyish qualities combined together that make a person I am now.

People have to recognize the differences and accept me as a third gender. There are some qualities in me, physically and mentally that are different compared to a GG. I want people to know that.

By going all natural, not only I have some uniqueness that set me apart from other tgirls, but also I can represent myself better; otherwise everybody will think I'm a GG. I'm already pretty passable the way I am now, so boobs are not really necessary

SLC: What is your day-to-day life like as a courtesan? What do you do when you are not working?

Tia: I'm busy as a courtesan. My life is so predictable: waking up in the morning, going to the gym or jogging or walking, taking a shower, having breakfast and meeting clients. It sounds boring but it's not.

The clients and the cities are different, so it makes me excited all the time. I'm very adventurous and bored easily.

That's the reason I've decided to become a traveling girl rather than a local girl. I was busy and popular in Toronto back then, but I got bored after a while staying in the same city.

What do I do when I'm not working?

Traveling, going to exotic countries like Brazil, India, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, or going back home, seeing my parents, sisters and brothers in Jakarta, Indonesia. I like being spoiled; that's the reason I miss Jakarta!

SLC: What do you wish that people -- and prospective clients -- knew about you?

Tia: I wish they know me as a person rather than as an escort. Some do, and I have become their friend.

SLC: Does it matter to you, as a tgirl, whether you top or bottom?

Tia: It does not really matter. I'm versatile.

SLC: Where do you hope to go with your career?

Tia: I hope to go as far and become as successful as I can get. It's my fate, my destiny to become an escort.

So far, the destiny has been good. Escorting has given me much better options for my future. But, I'm still at my peak of my career, so I won't stop now, otherwise I will lose lots of potential money.

This career is not easy and I have gone through so many problems and dramas along the way. You can read my blogs www.tia-phoenixx.com/blog for further stories of me, including my story when I was in jail in Dubai.

Wish me luck!