Take a Peek: The Keyhole Sessions


Have you thought about what happens on the other side of a door, perhaps at a hotel, a cottage, a friends, or family? Have you ever peeked through a keyhole to see what’s happening on the other side? For those who have, and for those that want to, Toronto’s Keyhole Sessions may just be what you’ve been looking for.


The Keyhole Sessions are life-drawing with edge, a hunger for the erotic, and an appreciation for the art of restraint. This life-drawing class is hosted by The Madame, and brings together both established and aspiring artists who want to release their inner creativity in one giant orgasm of strokes and doodles.

Explosion of Inspiration
Most sessions showcase models exquisitely and sensually wrapped in shibari-inspired rope bondage. Each Session is split into three acts, with a short intermission between each: Act I begins with a solo model warming up the Keyhole stage, and by the time Act 3 starts there are usually three or four models to choose from.

Private Drawing Sessions
Turn your party into an intimate event involving beautiful models wrapped in Japanese rope bondage, known as Kinbaku. Each private session has room for 10 individuals, includes some materials, sparkling wine, and a selection of sexy models, as well as a souvenir t-shirt for the host. The team will also travel to your corporate location.

Girls on Film
There are also quarterly photography workshops with five models who pose in various stages of undress and erotic bondage for sizzling camera buffs. Perfect for those who prefer to click and shutter. Check the website for details on the upcoming seven week Erotic Photography workshop happening in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Take the Plunge
The Keyhole Sessions currently take place at the historic Great Hall, located at 1087 Queen West at Dovercourt. Entry fee is $20. Cash only. Special Discounts are available for students and multiple session purchases. Space is limited to approximately the first 60 individuals who arrive, as no reservations are required. Artists must bring all their own materials, and no instructions are given. This is an 18+ event.

If you only make one resolution this year, make it a naughty one! Mark your calendar for the first session of 2011 on January 11th. Peek into the Keyhole Sessions website for all the sexy details.

Sex Life Canada had the opportunity to chat with The Madame, and here’s what she had to say about The Keyhole Sessions.

SLC: When did Keyhole Sessions officially launch, and where was it held?
The Madame: The Session was held May 5th, 2009 at Lower Ossington Theatre. In January of 2010, we moved to The Great Hall.

SLC: What was your inspiration behind starting this event up?
The Madame: Being a graphic designer by trade and working on a computer for over a decade, I missed drawing and getting my hands dirty. I went looking for a life-drawing class downtown, remembering how much I enjoyed it while in art school. What I found were classes that were either too boring, or too unstructured, and there was nothing erotic to any of them. Since I wasn't finding what I wanted, I said "fuck it; I'll do it myself".

SLC: What is your background in terms of art and performance?
The Madame: I attended York and OCA {back when it only had 3 letters} for Graphic Design, and have been an Art Director in various agencies for over 10 years. In terms of performance experience, I have none, except for an exhibitionist streak.

SLC: Do you have mostly regular attendees or do you see new faces at each session?
The Madame: We do have many regulars, which is nice to see as I get to meet and chat with them over time, and see how their art progresses, or how much they open themselves up to something that many consider too risqué. About one third of every Session is new faces. It's great to see word spreading around.

SLC: Is there a typical demographic that attends in terms of age, race, sex, etc?
The Madame: Not at all. We have a huge range of people, from student’s right through to older, more established artists. Many of them have some kind of creative background, while others come for the fun and community aspect. We started with mostly male artists, but that quickly balanced out to about 50/50.

SLC: Do you have to have an artistic background to participate?
The Madame: Nope. I tell people all you need to have is a pencil, some paper, and a desire to try something new.

SLC: Why do you focus on sex, sexuality, lust, love, bondage, nudity, eroticism and the human body as a basis for the drawings?
The Madame: I'm in love for the nude form. A nude woman, especially, is so lovely to look at in terms of curves and light {I admit there's a certain type of form I prefer – not supermodel-ish, not too thin, not too large, not fake, but firm, curvy, interesting and most of all, confident}. I also choose models that have an alt/fetish look, moving away from the traditional. I've always tried to find something to marry art and sex, as I'm a very sexual person myself, and TKS seems to fit the bill.

SLC: How important is the music accompaniment to the event?
The Madame: It's huge. I try to create every play list to match the mood and models of each Session, and it helps keep a good vibe going throughout the room. I often catch people moving to the music, and get very kind words sent my way about how much people enjoy it. Creating these play lists and hearing the compliments have actually made me love music again. A goal of mine is to eventually have a live DJ.

SLC: You introduced a photography-based equivalent this year entitled Girls on Film. Tell me a bit about this as to why it was launched and how it has been received to date? How often does this happen?
The Madame: I'm also a huge fan of photography, and in trying to figure out how to expand TKS to other types of artists, photography was the natural next step. Inspired by a Duran Duran song, we set up the first as an experiment, thinking it might be just a one-off. But the event was very well received, and it gave me the drive to do it again, only better. We've now had 3 such Sessions, turning them into quarterly events, always looking for interesting venues to place the models. The structure is different from the drawing Sessions, as there are no lengthy poses. Five models interact with each other moving to various, specially-lit stations, and photographers follow them around, shooting paparazzi-style for 2 hours. It's hella fun.

SLC: Do you ever work with any male models?
The Madame: We do have the occasional male model to throw in the mix, but I find that the all-female Sessions are better received.

SLC: Can anyone apply to be a model or you have your own collection you work with regularly?
The Madame: Anyone can apply; we're always on the look out to add to our regular roster. But we don't accept just anyone. They have to have a great look and an attitude to match. All my models are strong, confident people that, although posing nude on stage, they are serious about their work. I try them out for a Session and if we both enjoy the experience, I happily have them back.

SLC: You recently have been sharing The Great Hall with another successful artist event called Art Battle. Was this something that just naturally morphed or was there some planning around this?
The Madame: I I had heard about the event and since we were in the same building, I figured I'd go check it out as it sounded like a great idea. I was fortunate enough to meet one of the founders, Simon Plashkes, and we hit it off right away. It wasn't long before we were talking collaboration, and we'll soon be working on our second TKS/AB event.

SLC: What does the future hold for the Keyhole Sessions?
The Madame: I've got huge plans for the upcoming year. We've dipped our toes into special events other than the weekly Sessions, including Art Battle, Girls on Film, our rogue Nuit-Blanche event {last year's saw 3000 people come through our door}, an artist's exhibition, plus a couple more we're planning, like instructional erotic photography and drawing classes, and an erotic film festival. I've learned since the beginning that the city is interested in the marriage between art & sex, so I'm going to try and keep bringing it to them. But because all of these events take up so much time and effort, we're actually streamlining the TKS calendar, and turning the weekly drawing Sessions into monthly special, extended Sessions. That way I can ensure all the events I'm delivering will have people walk away saying "Wow that was AWESOME".