The Swelling Tide of Sex-Positive Culture

Thank you for taking the time to read my work over the past year and a half on Sexlife Canada. It has been a pleasure to not only write so much about sex-positive culture in Canada, but the true joy has been in researching it.

Who knew this is such a wonderfully sexual place?

To be honest...I didn't. When I started with SLC, I was covering Toronto only. Being fairly immersed in the scene here, I was confident I'd find sufficient content to fill the site. I'll also admit a bit of the typical Toronto bias—I figured most stories would emanate from the Big Smoke. Centre of the universe, ya know?

But when I took over as Managing Editor, I discovered the truly vast, complex and diverse sexual landscape of this country.

Munches in small towns. Fetish events in hidden places. Retailers committed to responsible sexuality products. Sex workers across so many cultures and communities. The burlesque explosion. Sex educators teaching workshops I'd love to take.

You get the picture. Sex-positive community is a rising tide across Canada, and we are lucky to have it.

This is not to say that it is everywhere at this point. There is still constant ebb and flow. It can still be hard to open a sex shop, set up a munch, or even find sex-positive people to connect with in some towns. And not just smaller areas. This can be a challenge in cities as well. Negative stigma is still strong when it comes to sex.

Which is why, I hope, you'll continue reading Sexlife Canada to find out about events and people and places who are making a difference. They have all been open and kind enough to chat with me about their situations and what they are doing to promote sex positive community. This is not always an easy thing. They are putting themselves out there in the public eye and I commend all of the subjects of our articles for that.

Whether you choose to slip a tenative toe into the sex-positive waters or jump right in and skinny dip your days away, enjoy this refreshing sexual change!



Best of Luck

Sites like this are so very important to supporting the growth of sex-positivity across Canada. Not only is it a place to read about events, places and people across the country, but also provides a platform and exposure for everyday folks doing their bit to promtoe sex positivity in their neck of the woods.  I will certainly continue reading, blogging and participating in Sexlife Canada.

Thanks Jon and best of luck to you in your new endeavors.