A Sexy Space For All: Calgary Adult Playground Club

Gathering for sex is an age-old tradition. People have always sought others of similar proclivities, in safe and comfortable environments, to live out fantasies and sexual urges that may not be possible to live out in ‘regular’ life. These get-togethers can be informal or organized, glory holes or membership applications. Swing parties took up cause for a good period of time, but those parties were often deemed misogynistic and homophobic.

One such place that offers an exclusive venue for sexual exploration is Calgary Adult Playground Club. Founded over 10 years ago in the original owner’s basement, CAPC has moved through a few ownership changes but has remained true to the core intent of providing, according to Ms. Stacey “an alternative lifestyle club, it is where open minded individuals or couples can meet and have a great time.”

CAPC does work on a membership basis. “We are a private membership club and the only way to attend is to go through our website, and make an application, or to know someone that is a member and attend the same time they do. Everyone attends the club once to see if there is a fit for all,” Ms Stacey explains “and as long as we are all happy they are welcome to attend again, the second time is when you purchase your membership. We don't discriminate against individuals, but you do need to make sure you look after yourself and are clean and presentable.”

While it may seem that CAPC is a traditional ‘swing’ club, where same-sex, trans other people are not welcome. They do not define themselves as such, “we don't call ourselves a swing club, we refer to ourselves as alternative lifestyle.” The website is clear that the space is inclusive and open to all.

The group holds two types of events: Adult Socials and Realm of Fantasty. The Socials are held on Saturday nights and are for couples, single females and single males who are accompanied by a member couple or single female. These events are more for the non-monogamous crowd. Realm of Fantasy nights are held on Fridays and are open to “all walks lifestyles, [and] have a flair for the kinky, fetish crowd,” according to Ms Stacey.

Realm of Fantasy “Desires and Dreams Become Reality” takes places Friday November 26 at CAPC.